Does NLP work? Find out what others think…

Training with Edge is not only highly professional and instructive, it is also fun which is essential to learning.

anon – July 2017

The course was fantastic, the delivery was on point and life changing in so many ways. The course would benefit most people irrelevant of what your past life experience is. If you are currently coaching or planning to coach others this course would be an important addition to your knowledge.

Matt Munns Owner iLet & iSell Properties – July 2017

The Master Coach course enabled me to take my NLP journey to the next level. The detailed work around the Values Levels was invaluable for me to take my coaching forward. It has given me a much greater understanding of how to approach my coaching sessions. As always Ian brought a depth of knowledge and experience that was inspiring. His energy and ability to flex his style and pace was fantastic. It allowed each of us to work in our preferred way, whilst recognising the importance of being adaptable. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to cement their learnings and to really see how it all fits together.

Julia Montague, Voice/Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Trainer