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There is a power in NLP to change your life and the lives of others, that the Master Practitioner course brings together and helps you be brave enough to start to living your dreams..

Chris Alcock, Anatomy of Exceptional – May 2018

A professional and highly engaging course full of energy and valuable lessons with plenty of opportune ty to practice. Thoroughly recommended

Keith Amoss MA(HRM) PHD Chartered FCIPD – May 2018

Master Prac course – 2nd week – personal breakthrough session day 2. Oh my word. Both days were such an incredible experience. I was client yesterday so spent the entire day focussing on me. How special, rewarding and amazing was that? Today I acted as Practitioner taking someone else through their own breakthrough session. A completely different experience, a major privilege and a day full of lightbulb moments for me. I will never forget these 2 days – so very special. Now it really does all make sense. That’s not to say the rest of the course wasn’t as thrilling! Would seriously recommend this to any and all Practitioners. Go for it. Xx

Linda Hucklesby – May 2018

Pip & Jools are a comedy duo. They make the course easy to understand and they are both patient and all round lovely J I cant wait to come back

Toni Jenkins, ilet & isell Properties ltd – May 2018

Fabulous – what an experience I feel like a new all powerful Kevin

Kevin Huish, TBA Owner – May 2018

Taking part in the Edge NLP Master Practitioner of NLP, TLT & Hypnosis was a powerful, enjoyable and enlightening experience. The guiding hand of Pip Thomas and Jools  Montague heled make the course manageable and memorable on so many levels .it was a privilege to also be on my NLP Master journey with some fabulous people and able to share and exchange our experiences, histories and at times eye popping realities. I am looking forward to attending the next course in November. Wow what a journey I have been on since that first taster day …Big up to Edge NLP.

Nuala Geary Owner Reach – August 2017

Having just completed my NLP Master Practitioner training with Edge NLP I can day with my hand on my heart that the course has been truly transformational from start to finish. I have learnt so much about myself and how I can change my thinking and behaviours to achieve my highest and wildest dreams. Thanks to Pip and Jools I am now living my dream every day and through my practice I am enabling others to do so too. If you are considering embarking on your NLP journey I would strongly recommend Edge NLP to guide your way.

Dr Ron Lawson, Ron Lawson International – August 2017

Training with Edge is not only highly professional and instructive, it is also fun which is essential to learning.

anon – July 2017

The course was fantastic, the delivery was on point and life changing in so many ways. The course would benefit most people irrelevant of what your past life experience is. If you are currently coaching or planning to coach others this course would be an important addition to your knowledge.

Matt Munns Owner iLet & iSell Properties – July 2017

I was really excited to be starting the NLP Master Practitioner course and the next stage on my NLP journey and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It was the most amazing two weeks I have experienced on a course.

I went on another journey of transformation which has given me the confidence and even more NLP techniques in my tool kit to move towards my goals and inspire others confidently. It was also a great opportunity to really put into practice all that we had learned over the course when working with friends, family, colleagues or clients in the future.

I had the most fun and have never laughed that much on a course….like ever! A few of us also took advantage of the special B&B rate offered by Chartridge for EdgeNLP delegates which enabled us to bond over a glass of wine (or two) in the evening discussing our various experiences and really helped us connect even more and I have made great lifelong friendships.

Such an amazing two weeks with awesome people, incredibly funny, entertaining and life changing… again.

Sarah Taylor – May 2015

It was a dream to become a NLP Practitioner, so becoming a Master Practitioner has been incredible for me, and the journey to get there has been joyous. Each day contained new learning and revelation, and each day brought more confidence to the group. We bonded easily – something encouraged by the course leader(s) – and this made for two weeks of fun, laughter and mutual support. Add in to this mix the wealth of expertise, knowledge and skill from our trainers and you have a recipe for something very special. We were told from the beginning that we are Master Practitioners, and I think we all left believing that to be true. Since the course I have already delivered a communication seminar, worked with individuals and started to build my website. That’s because I now know I can do it, and do it well.

Julie Wilson – May 2015

This was phenomenal and life-changing. After week 1 I’d lost the fear and walked out to embrace the change, and it’s been one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. I faced things that I didn’t realise had been affecting me for half a century, and I put them in their rightful place – history. When I heard the nagging little voices from the past I could tell them (and myself) that we’re all working to the same goals. I discovered the future I deserve to have and realised it’s just waiting for me to decide to have it. I saw ways I can use the new skills I have learnt to enable others to make the same discoveries and I am already finding myself planting the seeds of that change in everyday life. The world will never be the same again!

Janey Hill – May 2015

A week of plenty of challenges and discoveries. A fantastic group of people and a trust and understanding amongst us that allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and let myself really engage and embrace the techniques and processes. A wonderful week with many ‘Aha’ moments, tears and laughter.

Jools Montague – March 2015

Week 1 of the Edge NLP Master Practitioner Course exceeded all expectations in ways that I can’t yet articulate fully. But that’s NLP… it washes over you and settles until you realise the impact it is having. We learned so much about language and the way we think, and were provided with so many tools for questioning, enabling and enhancing that I know Week 2 will consolidate these and allow us the opportunity to put them into practice. Already, I am noticing that my own language is changing, as is the way I think about things. The effect has been profound, and coupled with the safety and warmth of our small group, not to mention moments of hilarity peppered throughout the week, it has made for an unforgettable experience.

Julie Wilson – March 2015

This was a really fabulous experience. The course was a joy, I haven’t laughed so hard in a training room… well, ever! My preconceptions and beliefs about myself were challenged in a big way, and I found scope and the strength to see a better way forward. I can’t wait for the next stage!

Janey Hill – March 2015

What a great week one of Masters, I had a fabulous time. I was extremely excited about starting and had already come to some conclusions about the challenges that I have and the changes I really am keen to make in my life and others. The group size worked really well for me which in turn gave us all the opportunity to experience being the client and the therapist without the time constraints that can be there with a larger group. It really was a fun week with plenty of laughter and tears…..of joy (I wish I had remembered to anchor it each time, although I was too busy drying my eyes and catching my breath). I’m really looking forward to week 2.

Sarah Taylor – March 2015

Before attending I thought the course was a luxury and expensive, the skills I have learnt and the difference it has made to me as a person is amazing and I now know that it was easily worth more than he money I paid.

Christine Lennon

Christine Lennon Video Testimonial

Cor blimey ..I came, I saw, I conquered”

‘Sam Lane ( Sam lane photography)

Pound for Pound the best value training I have ever been on. ‘Tremendous breadth of capabilities”

John Little Shearwater

Cat Rivers Video Testimonial

The past week has given me so much insight into myself and my hangups. I have seen where they were and I now feel I can go on to accomplish anything. I have learnt to lt go of all that was negative and it has given me a whole new toolkit of skills to take forward into both my personal and business life ..

Della McNulty, Director Haylake Vets

This was one of the best courses I have attended. It will, I anticipate prove absolutely invaluable to me in my various roles as a therapist, an educationalist and in my business. Even in the small amount of time I have been using NLP in what I do, I can see a vast difference in my approach and the results I am getting. The balance of theory and practical. Having people teach who really understood what they were talking about, who clearly put their own theory into practice and practised what they preached. Seeing things work and work absolutely convincingly!

Pam Batten, Langley Clinic of Acupuncture

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