Does NLP work? Find out what others think…

Edge NLP are brilliant at creating an incredibly safe space in which I felt extremely comfortable pushing my boundaries. A really motivating and positive experience.

Melanie Lodge – Audition Oracle – December 2018

Life Changing experience going through day by day and uncovering some believes and fears, internal conflicts you don’t always know about. I feel lighter and more centred in myself and am ready to rock and roll.

Pavol Fabry – Mobile Massage – December 2018

These 6 days have been a ongoing gift to myself. I feel that I have unlocked my problems, released issues and limiting beliefs. I can now fulfil my dreams and goals.

Anne-Laure – Act One – December 2018

This course is life changing in every aspect. When thinking about where I started when I walked into the room to how I feel now at the end of the course… I am 100% more amazing.

Arabella Underwood – Frost & Sullivan – December 2018

This course shifts things that you’re not even aware are moving. Great sense of being in process and just where you need to be. Left with a strong sense that it’s by no means over and aware that pieces will land weeks from now.

Zoe Bywater – December 2018

This week has been tearful, emotional, difficult and absolutely worth every single moment, because it has also been inspiring, energising and uplifting. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

Sinead McNeill – July 2018

On the first morning I thought that I knew what we were going to be doing. How wrong was I , in a good way. The Training stretched me in ways I never thought possible and the processes and technique learnt seemed so simple yet so effective and easy to apply. Thank you Pip and Jools (and Sidney) for helping me take such a confident first step in my new direction.

Helena Izamis – Ashlyns School, Teacher of Psychology – July 2018

If you want to be the best you can be and improve your communication skills then this course is a ‘no brainer’.

Tina Frewer – James Corporate Health – July 2018

Making the choice to attend an NLP Practitioner Course with Edge NLP Ltd has far exceeded my expectations, learning in a warm, fun, engaging environment. I have left feeling that I will better understand my way of thinking for a long time to come. Highly recommend this life changing course.

Denise Coates – March 2018

For years I wanted to do NLP and for whatever reason I didn’t until now. I wish I had done it sooner!
The skills I have gained over the last 6 days are life changing for me. Before coming to the course I had quite a big limiting belief, and by the end of the course I can’t remember what it was 🙂 AMAZING. Thank you so much Pip & Jools you are awesome !!

Mel Dowie – MND Training Services – January 2018

Inspiring and informative. A life changing week which opened my eyes and mind to possibilities I was unaware existed. Looking forward to implementing knowledge and skills with myself and clients.

Sonia Grimes – You Trition/ Turning Full Circle – January 2018

An amazing and life changing week

Claire Thurman – January 2018

Having spent the last week with two amazing trainers ( Pip & Jools) my journey in my own personal development has lead me to move forward launching my own coaching programme online. Such an inspiring course

Lorraine Fletcher – – January 2018

‘Wow’ I struggled for the first few days and could not imagine how much I have changed for the better by the final day. Fabulous and highly recommended

Mark Rodgers – Standing Tall – January 2018

I found the Edge NLP Course incredibly powerful. It is different from anything I have done before, there are no answers and you come away asking yourself very different questions about who you are and why you do what you do. It feels like an amazing springboard for the change in my life…

Helen Seale – Transformational Consultant – September 2017

The NLP Practitioner Course with Edge NLP was an amazing opportunity to learn new concepts, try new skills and meet some very inspiring people. Not only has it helped me to understand how I process information and behave as a result, it has helped me work with colleagues in the office too and to improve my understanding and communication with them. It’s a fabulous set of concepts which everyone should have and the trainers at Edge NLP really helped me to learn and practice them.

Christine Thompson – Agile Coach Alfresco Software – September 2017

I’m a huge believer in everyone’s ability to learn, grow and be the best they can be. My time in the Edge NLP Practitioner course reminded me that I’d forgotten to apply those thoughts to myself. I’ve taken stick re-framed and set some personal and professional goals which I now feel confident I can achieve. As a coach, I now have a great new set of tools to re-ignite my practice and to help my clients in their next steps in individual success. This was definitely my CPD highlight of the year, by a long shot. Jools and Pip are a formidable team who created a safe environment for self- learning and provided a fun atmosphere, with lots of laughter, enabling deep learning without you even realising just how much you were absorbing (sneaky that). Big thanks to the whole team at Edge NLP Ltd, especially Sidney for his comedy highlights

Sarah Ingoldby – Hyperion Associates Ltd – September 2017

Thank you to Pip and Edge NLP for your professionalism and skilful handling. Anyone wishing to engage with NLP are in safe hands with Edge NLP Ltd

Claire Anjos – Director Flying Start Learning – July 2017

I came onto the course keen to learn but still asking whether NLP is mumbo jumbo. What I now think and feel and see is that it doesn’t matter, it works and is helping me achieve beneficial and significant gains in my life and business

Chris ALcock – Director Manage IT Change Ltd – July 2017

Life changing, years of negative thoughts and wasted energy are in the past. My future is very positive

John Elmer Director Huddle Design – April 2017

Life changing week for me ! all the content and techniques I have learnt will serve me on a personal level and business level. Pip and Jools hats off J you are both amazing

Matt Munns iSell Properties Director – April 2017

From beginning to end working with Edge has been a fantastic experience. I feel changed in a hugely positive way and leave the course with a greater understanding and bags of confidence

Katherine Newman Actor – April 2017

There is no doubt that this training has been life changing for every area of my life

Gill Boydell Director 4YP – April 2017

Pip and Jools are excellent trainers. I could not have asked for a better , fun , competent and compelling pair . They made the whole process very clear and provided support when needed. I have left with more skills and a much clearer picture of the road ahead

Lara Taylorson – Senior partner The Project Academy – April 2017

It far exceeded my expectations in every way, and was expertly delivered. The small group size enabled inclusivity and the process was stretching and supportive. I’m not sure how I’ve got this far in my life without NLP ..Massive thanks Pip & Jools

Linda Hucklesby – April 2017

I came on the course as one person and am leaving as a very different one -thank you

Kellie Farnham – April 2017

NLP made easy through practical application, Pip and the team make it a real experience you’ll draw on forever. Im using it already

Fraser Carlisle, Programme Head NHS Digital – February 2017

Amazing experience, feel free from a lot of personal challenges. Fantastic explanations of all the techniques, no pressure and lots of reassurance. The hypnotherapy was so lovely I forgot my backpain 🙂

Ellen Hinton, Support Desk – February 2017


Just had an amazing week discovering about myself, I didn’t think that was possible J Pip, Jools and Adam are amazing teachers and delivered the course in a very impressive and empowering way. I will be back

Mark Curry Director Prestige Catering Equipment – February 2017

I was interested but a bit sceptical at the outset. Once I’d made a conscious decision to allow myself to fully enter into the process and let myself be vulnerable. I really benefited from the particular exercise and felt the support from Pip and the Team.

Joanne Greene – February 2017

This programme goes so much further than you’re expecting. Time to think, change, challenge explore and learn with the guidance and support of fabulous practitioners.

Anon – February 2017

Pip and the team are superb, very friendly patient and thorough. I can NOT wait to come back and see them again, and build on my new found confidence and knowledge.

Toni Jenkins,Director ilet Properties Ltd – February 2017

A really valuable and insightful journey into the power of communication and how you can leverage NLP Techniques to enhance all aspects of your life.

Derm Ryan, NHS Digital, Director – February 2017

The course is comprehensive, life changing and lots of fun, lots to learn and all in an atmosphere that encourages sharing and personal growth. Pip and Jools have a lovely warm style of presenting, thank you so much

Debbie Leafe, Mindfit Coaching – February 2017

Enjoyed learning NLP through EDGE. Very interesting subject and would like to learn more about it. It has changed my thinking in a positive way and made me capable of accepting the feedbacks. I am becoming organised in what I do.

Jools Montegue-King, Business Director – Vocability & The Scarlet Orchid – April 2016

There was some hesitation and apprehension on my part prior to attending the Practitioner course, but this based simply on the unknown and feeling exposed potentially emotionally. However, it was evident from the get go that the style and delivery of the Edge course would be a challenging, worthwhile and rewarding experience. Pip and Jools are great advocates of NLP and oozes out of their every orifice! I am delighted to have taken the steps to start my NLP journey with Edge and look forward to this continuing.

Nuala Geary – August 2016

This course with Edge NLP has exceeded all my expectations, I feel confident in the knowledge and skills Pip and Jools have enabled me to realise.

Jeanette Allen, CEO – The Horse Trust – April 2016

The practitioner course with Edge NLP has exceeded all of my expectations, I feel confident in the knowledge and skills Pip and Jools have enabled me to realise.

Ron Lawson, Senior Lecturer in coaching and leadership – Uni of Cumbria – April 2016

I found the course to be inspirational and enlightening, delivered by exceptional trainers, fulfilling an ambition to become and NLP Practitioner.

Jennifer Canham, Deputy Director of HR, The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust – March 2016

The most inspiring aspect of the course is the realisation that I have everything I need to make a positive change.

Jim Monk, Programme Head – HSCIC – April 2016

Regular mind blowing revelations. Everybody absolutely should take time to do this course with Edge NLP, it will change your life and those around you.

Geoff Parker Naples– April 2016

I came on the course thinking I knew what I wanted, and with a view to it helping me to start my own business. It has been much more than this and I now see it more that I can use it on a personal level – I want to use it more for me first and then just see where it leads me.

Robert William Withers – March 2016

The wonderful people at Edge really provide a fun, friendly atmosphere to learn.

I would thoroughly recommend their training to anyone who wants to succeed in life. The energy is fabulous and it’s really a place to let your hair down and truly be yourself. There is no doubt you will connect with the other amazing people on the course with you.

Sonu Ravi – March 2016

After doing the pre-course work I felt a little overwhelmed to be frank. However I need not have worried as Pip and Jules soon created a very relaxed atmosphere where we were all at ease, this made learning all the material easy and very straight forward too. All the techniques were explained in slow time and then demonstrated fully which also made them extremely easy grasp and then replicate. The whole course was a truly enlightening experience which has benefitted me in many ways, I’m less stressed, happier than ever before, full of energy and know who I am. I’m now on a journey to change my life for the better in every way possible. I would recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone, you’ll not regret it.

Ben Bayley – February 2016

This will change your life. Explaining what I had been doing this week to my curious 10 year old daughter, elicited the comment, “No offence, Dad, but I think that’s the most interesting conversation we have ever had.” Considering how we think to free the choices we can take is an immensely powerful process. Pip guides the discovery with a masterful appreciation of not only the content, but also the pace, comfort, humour and sensibility of the group. I would thoroughly recommend this course. Thank you!!! Xxxx

Matthew Gill, February 2016

A truly inspiring friend recommended the NLP Practitioner course. I was stuck in a rut and becoming increasingly frustrated, I knew I was capable of so much more in both my personal and professional life and I was holding myself back from achieving my full potential.

The professional and utterly engaging way the course is delivered by Pip creates a fulfilling learning experience and trust, allowing you to challenge long held beliefs and move out of your comfort zone.

What I hadn’t realised before the course was how much I had held deep within myself over the years and what a powerful and positive impact the course would have. The releasing of two limiting beliefs during the week was emotionally challenging; Pip was there throughout (even at 8 pm one evening) with kindness, encouragement, and support.

Six weeks on from the course, has my life changed? Absolutely, I am more open, compassionate, positive and have a inner sense of belief that has spurred me on to go freelance after nineteen years in the same job, would I have come to this decision with the excitement I feel now before the NLP Practitioner course, definitely not. Pip has opened my eyes to a bright new future where anything is possible.

Mike Rogers, Actor, Theatre Director, Coach and Voice Artist – February 2016

Pip has a diverse and naturally engaging communication style which appeals to a broad range of learning preferences. She quickly builds a trusting and safe working environment which enabled me and my colleagues to step outside our comfort zone and embrace the learnings. Our NLP practitioner’s course was delivered in an extremely pragmatic manner. Under Pip’s expert coaching we were practising and experiencing concepts which were unknown to us a mere few hours earlier in the day. Pip navigated us through the course with just the right balance of sensitivity and challenge, which helped us draw out the best from ourselves, each other and the course.

Since completing my NLP practitioner’s course, I have applied it with great results both to my work as a coach, and in my personal life. It has increased the range of tools I can employ and I was surprised to discover just how much of the course has been applicable and relevant to my practice. I attribute this to the flexible coaching approach Pip uses, coupled with her immense passion. I look forward to the follow up course.

Chris Lennon – Individual Development – April 2015

This is a fantastic course for anyone wanting to improve their Presentation and Communication Skills.  I learned so much including how to control my nerves, project my voice, use the right body language and how to prepare content.  The progress I made from my first presentation on day one to the end of day two was incredible!

Anat Shabi – Business performance coach

Originally, I wanted to do the NLP Practicioner Course because I thought it would help me grow sales in my business and help build my skills as a leader. What actually happened is the course enhanced every part of my life! I now feel much more confident with my decisions at work and home life, I can communicate with people of all levels much more effectively and I believe in myself and my goals 100%!

Pip delivers the course in such a way that everyday is a joy and you just want to know more, and more and more! I have been recommending NLP to anyone who will listed! – I honestly think EVERYONE would benefit from taking this course.

Amanda Richardson, House of Colour Sevenoaks/Tonbridge – August 2014

The course was really beneficial. I began day one excited and nervous and unsure of what to expect. I believed that I would only be looking at the prospect of gaining some benefit in the working environment. How wrong was I! I have found that the tool’s I established over the 6 days have had a massive impact on my approach to work and my home life.
What a difference 6 days can make!

Lauren Heslop MD UK Locations LTD – June 2014

Great course for both professional and personal development whether you’re looking to build your confidence in preparation for a career move or want to development more effective communication skills to progress within your current field, NLP provides you with invaluable skills to be even more successful in your day to day life.

Louise Bareford, HR Business Partner Bedfordshire Police – June 2014

The term ‘life-changing’ is used a lot in descriptions of the Edge NLP Practitioner course, but I found out last week that it is true. My life has changed and I find myself thinking differently every day now – I’m more focused, more cheerful, less worried and now imbued with a sense that anything is possible. The course felt safe, and as we bonded as participants, barriers came down and challenges were faced. I’ve come away with the most amazing set of tools for not only my own positive and prosperous future, but for others, too. I’d recommend this experience to anybody. It’s hard work, but Pip’s mix of mastery and easy warmth makes the time fly.

Claire Odom, Direct Wines, Marketing Director – April 2014

Taking this course with Pip would definitely be beneficial to anyone. It was a life changing journey for me. The individual attention given by Pip and indeed the entire Edge trainers is of the utmost highest standard and quality. Providing all the support you need from the very moment you decide to book your course up until the day you graduate. Nothing is too much trouble and Pip answers all questions with a genuine desire and interest. With all the new skills acquired has changed me as an individual and fully understand and appreciate the most amazing journey I have been on.  Thank you Pip for being with me on this wonderful journey.

Julie Wilson, Freelance Writer, Educational Advisor and Independent Civil Celebrant – April 2014

I began my NLP journey with Pip at Edge NLP expecting to learn about NLP.  And this is did.  What I didn’t expect was to start out on a journey of personal discovery, but this I also did!  When talking about NLP, people often use terms like ‘life-changing’ and ‘journey’ and now I find myself doing exactly that.  Pip and her team deliver the Practitioner course in a way that encourages deep level of learning, creates trust and allows individuals to achieve great personal development in such a short space of time.  If anyone were thinking about taking a NLP Practitioner course, I would say do it, you’ll love it.  I would then happily point them in the direction of Pip and Edge NLP and wish them a wonderful journey…

James Carter – April 2014

This course has deeply impacted my life and Iwould guarantee that it would benefit the quality of life for anyone who enrols on one of Pip’s courses-They are powerful and life changing. I am a different person than the one I was when I started my EdgeNLP journey. The course challenged me and I had to step beyond my ‘comfort zones’ and start shedding limiting beliefs, which has been empowering and has given me the confidence to open myself up to new possibilities. Pip and her team of trainers are enthusiastic, encouraging and extremely supportive to all of your needs before, during and after any course. I have experienced amazing personal growth and gained the confidence I needed to take me to higher levels in my career and personal life. This is one of the best investments I have made in myself, I feel inspired and enthusiastic about life.

Shaun Purbrick, Phlexglobal, Head of HR, Learning & Development – April 2014

The EdgeNLP course gave me the powerful set of communications tools to use in my work and home life I signed up for, but so much more. It gave me a rare and precious opportunity to focus on me; to better understand myself, how I see the world and how I affect the world around me. Pip and Anne-Marie were superb, as were Neil and Chris, at creating an environment where anything seems possible. It was a truly and unexpectedly profound experience and one I would heartily recommend.

Sarah Taylor – April 2014

This is a training course that would benefit everyone and especially those who a serious about their own future. Edge and Pip provide excellent tuition, support and guidance prior to the commencement of the course, during it and ongoing through your NLP development the value of which cannot be underestimated. I would recommend Edge to everyone considering embarking on an NLP journey.

Lindsey Reynolds – Attitude Communications March 2014

Way better than I could ever have expected, and I came into it with high expectations! I started the week thinking that I would be able to €˜fix€™ some flaws and learn some new €˜stuff€™ that I could deploy in work. While I was able to work on aspects of €˜me€™ that I wasn€™t happy with and I did learn loads of really useful stuff; I truly couldn€™t have even imagined the magnitude of the change that this week drove in me. I got to fundamentally shift deep rooted beliefs about myself which I know have held me back for years and I learned a much greater appreciation for those around me. I got more out of this course than I can ever really explain and I believe that because of it, me and my life have changed forever, and in a brilliant way. As a course leader, Pip is fantastic; a consummate professional, very warm and so wise. She made me feel so comfortable and I€™m sure that this really helped me get the best out of this opportunity

Kevin Huish – Police Federation of England and Wales – Head of Learning and Development

This course was like a spring clean for my mind, both from a professional and personal point of view. It made me challenge myself and lift a veil of negative beliefs and behaviors which had been holding me back in life. The effect has been quite profound as I find myself much more confident and assertive. Each day I look forward to put into practice all that I have learnt. The expertise and support from Pip and her team is nothing short of amazing, encouraging you to push yourself that little bit further and really challenging you on how you think. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, I just wish I had done it years ago!

Sophie Bentley – Argos – Senior Category Marketing Manager

The Edge NLP Practitioner training course has given me the ability to change the way I communicate with family and friends, Pip and her team were extremely knowledgeable of the subject and provided a relaxed and informal learning environment. I have been interested in NLP for a couple of years and was very keen to find the €˜right€™ course for me, after an initial meeting with Pip, I knew that I had found that course. I am so pleased to be able to share my knowledge of NLP and excited about the opportunities it will bring to me in my personal life and in the start of a new career. Thank you Pip and I look forward to attending another Edge course

Karen Johnson – March 2014

What a journey! My experience with Edge NLP was fantastic. Often challenging on a personal level, but the breakthroughs made it totally worthwhile. I felt incredibly inspired by Pip and her team. They were genuine, authentic and highly skilled. Having small group sizes allowed for individual time and attention. This was important for me, as I felt it gave me the space and opportunity to experience all aspects of NLP with a trusted group of like minded people. The passion and insight Pip has is awesome and I am looking forward to continuing my training with Edge this year

Clare Fox

I attended with an open mind and a willingness to learn not really knowing what to expect €“ boy, what a fantastic journey, life changing in every aspect, I really wish I had done this 20 years ago. If you€™re umming and arring about whether you should take the plunge, just do it, you€™ll have no regrets

Jools Montague €“- Business Director€, The Scarlet Orchid -€“ January 2014

The overall content of the course was brilliant. I was not sure what to expect on the first day, pleasantly surprised at how relaxed Pip and her team made me feel, I achieved everything I hoped to and more . Pip and her team were very supportive throughout the training’ highly recommended. Brilliant course

Paul Mayhew

Pip Thomas is a consummate professional who is an absolute delight to know and work with. Having qualified as an NLP Practitioner through Edge NLP in 2011, as a business we have now retained Pip to develop and deliver a bespoke training course for our own team. Her inspired approach, natural humour and high level of business acumen ensure that she consistently delivers and engages with her audience, never failing to provide insight, vision and entrepreneurial solutions. Passion, enthusiasm and energy are all qualities that you would associate with Pip and she comes with the highest level of recommendation

Nikki Froggatt €“- a recent Edge Graduate

Having recently recovered from serious illness I had lost my confidence and begun to doubt my ability. NLP was recommended to me by a family member who had done some training and I decided to give it a go. I was nervous at first and perhaps a little doubtful whether NLP would work for me. On arriving Pip was very welcoming and the course was enjoyable. I noticed positive changes in the other participants of the course as well as in myself. I would recommend the course to anyone especially if you feel stuck or can€™t see where you€™re going in life.

Julia Hale €“- Smartmoves

I started the week with Edge absolutely terrified for myself and what I had let myself in for and ended it wishing that it could carry on. Having had several profound experiences and some more subtle, slow-burning changes, I can honestly say that I am a different person as a result. Pip is amazing and in some ways quite intimidatingly knowledgeable. She is a mixture of kind, inclusive and formidably business focussed and her warmth and genuine concern for the people make being in her company an experience in itself. I have already signed up for the Master Practioner Course would recommend the Practitioner course to anyone.

Ross Wilford Povey

An amazing and thought provoking course and I€™d happily recommend it to anyone who wants to explore what these empowering and powerful techniques can achieve, in both their personal life and professional life. It was very easy to gain rapport with a smaller size group, far better than the €œpack €˜em in€ often used by other NLP training providers.

Maureen Rose

A life changing course which has given me techniques to empower all areas of my life, I€™m so grateful to Pip for being an inspirational, interesting and funny mentor and tutor who had our full attention for the 6 days straight! Thank you.

Deirdre Bowen-Cassie, Bedford Academy – Learning Leader

The NLP practitioner course has opened the doorway between my unconscious and conscious mind. It is a must for anyone on a journey of self discovery and for those who do not know it yet! Coupled with this the insights gained about Rapport building, use of linguistics and management of emotional states has been invaluable both personally and professionally. A few sentences do not do justice to the quality and depth of this training. I would recommend anyone working with people in any context to undertake this course €“ Yes that means EVERYONE!

Hollie Wilkins – Tovalu LTD / Mk Music tuition / Weight loss coach/Psychological wellbeing Practitioner / Piano teacher

When I booked onto the NLP practitioner training, I was interested in finding out more about Rapport and Communication – to help me to improve my coaching skills. I expected the course to teach me new skills and offer the opportunity to practice these skills. What I didn€™t expect is for the course to take me on a journey of self-discovery, that by the end of the 6 day course I would have a group of new friends, have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions which cumulated in a sense of peace and congruence which I wasn€™t even aware were missing in my life, until I opened the lid of my unconscious mind! As a result of this experience, I€™m quite sure that I will be a better mother and wife, be more effective at communicating with my colleagues and customer in both the written and verbal word€¦.plus have a useful certification to help me as I set up my new business. I would recommend this course to anyone who is prepared to open their mind and trust the process of NLP to help them to move forward in their life in a positive way

Sarah Noble-Kendrick – Northants County Council -Team Leader – VIG and Theraplay Service

Edge staff and trainings are Personable, Powerful and Passionate. The Edge Practitioner Training course has given me the edge in my Communication, my Motivation and the Choices at my disposable with regards to moving in the direction of my outcomes in both my Personal and Professional life. Thank you doesn€™t convey the depth of my gratitude but it will have to do

Karen Key, Rock and Rain Ltd – Director

What an incredible and powerful week. It was possibly the first time in my life I have had to work so hard on myself. Hugely difficult at times as it felt so unnatural, it was more than worth it. It€™s been nearly a month and I am still noticing new changes in myself every day. And somehow I know this is just the beginning… Everything in the delivery of the course, be that the pre-reading material, the practical exercises or the homework tasks, lends itself to respond instinctively to your own learning pace and style. Pip is a fantastic teacher and I couldn€™t fault the quality and execution of the programme. Not satisfied with simply ending with the Practitioner Course, I am already signed up to next Edge course!! Can€™t wait!

Jason King

I’ve always been happy with my NLP practitioner knowledge and how it has completely changed both my business and personal worlds. However, the booster weekend reminded me that there is a lot more to learn and decided to join Pip’s Master Practitioner course later in the year to build on the foundations of my current skill-set

Emma-Paola de Haas Garcia – OgilvyOne – Account Manager

Steffi Lewis Video Testimonial

Steffi Lewis – April 2013 – read the full blog here

Edge€™s 6 intensive days of €œNew Life Plan€ i.e. NLP were very well organised and well presented. It is useful not only for businesses but also for anyone interested to reflect on their life and aim to excel. Pip and Louise took time to listen and explain each concept and problem. In beginning there were doubts about the course but now I am in position to support it for anyone willing and ready to make life changing decisions. I felt very energised and focussed in end. It was amazing to meet and work with people from different walks of life, with a single aim. The explanations were detailed with ample practice. I have no reservation in promoting this course for other people

Tarun Goel – March 2013

For the last 5-6 years I have felt like a puzzle with a piece missing. I have hunted high and low for that piece; trying different therapies & counselling, seeing numerous medical specialists, having lifestyle changes, even medication but the pieces just never quite slotted in and I was always left feeling even more despondent and empty. I will be eternally grateful to Pip and all of the Edge team for what they have brought me. I am complete again, I am Emma Burden and I am being true to myself, I have my voice back and I am loving what I see in the now & the future. Thank you guys!!

Emma – March 2013

Tony Ingles Video Testimonial

I€™m a natural skeptic, but Pip, Anne Marie and Louise were passionate and gifted at bringing to life the theory from the audio files and books and successfully demystifying some of the more esoteric aspects of NLP. The training was excellent, both in quality and presentation. The small group (we had six) meant that trust was swiftly built with each other and the training team, which enabled very open and frank discussion. No one tried to persuade the skeptics among us, they just let what we saw and experienced do that €“ and it did. By way of example, as someone who was uncomfortably squeamish about eyes I am still amazed I can now watch this – I was not sure what to expect when I started this, but I have had an experience that helped me understand myself much better, and learn much from others on the course. So a huge thanks to the team and to the others on the course, for their friendship, candour and honesty. A quite awe inspiring week

David Rayner

This has been an intellectually stimulating week full of practical applications which has produced profound changes in my outlook €¦

Janet Ritchie Veterinary Surgeon

You arrive on Sunday not sure what to expect. After doing the pre-course homework you feel a little overwhelmed. By Wednesday I felt soo different and had achieved my goals for that week. It was a liberating, empowering fabulous feeling€¦.

Heather Westwood

An enlightening week which educates the mind and liberates the soul

Lynne Berry, Head Veterinary Nurse

An amazing week that will undoubtedly change my future and I am still blown away about th things I have seen and felt this week. Edge, Pip and the team create a lovely atmosphere, looking forward to completing the rest of my NLP journey

Julie Taylor, CA Education

Edge quickly create a very comfortable, non-judgemental atmosphere which enhances the learning experience and promotes openness and honesty which is essential to get the most out of this course. Very enjoyable 6 days

Ken Shields, Senior Systems Compliance Manager, Willmott Dixon Capital Works Ltd

I highly recommend and found the NLP Practitioner course to be extremely useful in both personal and business, I have acquired a set of tools that can really make a difference to the world around me, It has also sparked a keen interest in taking this a lot further. Since I left the course I have made full use of everything I learned and been able to help some others along the way which was very satisfying

Guy Webb, Business Development manager, Inbay Ltd

The Practitioner NLP course gives you amazing insight into how by using a few simple techniques, you can be a lot more effective; whether it is understanding others, or improving yourself. I found the course of huge benefit for both my business and for life. It made me feel hugely motivated and some great tips to incorporate into the way I help my clients. The teaching style is also the best I€™ve had €“ thoroughly engaging, knowledgeable teachers, and a really positive environment

Kate Warr, Owner, KEW Marketing

Kate Warr Video Testimonial

Pip and her team are dedicated trainers who have so much enthusiasm it makes you want to learn and engage with the method. I would have no hesitation in recommending the course, or Edge for their courses, but it goes without saying that their complete professionalism was paramount for me. I found that the secure environment ensured that the I and the other delegates didn€™t feel under any pressure to reveal nor did one feel intimidated if they were to reveal their inner self to the group. I would recommend this course to anyone

Julia McCann

With a background in management consultancy and finance, I was in a role where I was brokering and managing large financial deals which would usually have three parties involved. Having received plenty of traditional negotiating training over the years I felt the next step was to improve my ability to understand and read the reactions of the other parties involved in the negotiations in order to improve the outcomes. The Edge NLP course provided this but also much more besides. If you are looking for a course to improve business skills such as negotiating, meeting management and selling then this course is well worth considering. In addition I have found that my personal skills have improved as a matter of course which has impacted on my communication skills, my personal relationships and my ability to achieve my goals

KG, Innervision Management

Victoria Leaver Video Testimonial

I was initially very unsure about how, or if, NLP could really work. Many ideas or events are pitched as €˜life changing€™ and turn out not to be! My experience of training in the past has been that the ideas are great in theory but get forgotten after a few days of €˜real life€™ away from the training environment. I am delighted to be wrong. I am calmer, less stressed, more confident, happier and really enjoying spending more time with my family. The six days enabled me to understand myself better, and how my behaviour influences those around me. The practical techniques do work, and more importantly I now have the confidence to use them. I am continuing to apply them in everyday situations and the communication techniques have been particularly effective when talking to my teenage children and also selling to new clients. The interesting thing is that not only have I stopped getting angry and arguing so much with my children €“ they are not arguing so much with each other either, so home life is much more peaceful for everyone. Thank you to Pip at Edge NLP, your NLP Practitioner Course has been life changing for me, and made an awesome difference to my world!


This was one of the best weeks in my life. The start of a journey that I believe will change my life for the better, I can€™t wait to do the Masters course .. Pip made it easy to grasp every aspect of the material. A truly enlightening experience


NLP does work and can work for you.

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