• Have you been feeling stuck for a while?
  • Feel that life is passing you by?
  • Perhaps you feel you’re going around in circles trying to resolve something
  • Maybe you’ve had other responsibilities meaning you haven’t been able to address “stuff”?
  • Impatient to get going?

The traditional coaching model offers weekly or fortnightly sessions. And whilst there are many benefits to this approach, at Edge NLP we like to offer our clients a fresh approach too.

In your Breakthrough Session you can overcome whatever is holding you back, and with our support and expertise form your plan of action to achieve your desired outcome.

This programme is a supercharged, intensive two-day coaching experience. Working together over this extended period is an effective way to achieve important, life changing, and empowering changes. Whether that is personal or professional.

The programme is tailored to your specific needs.

We support and empower you to work on whatever personal/ professional changes you want to make to achieve your goals.

Most people start the session unsure what their goal even is, and that’s OK. We support you to enable you to decide what your desired outcome is, and we work with you from there.

Arrange a call with us by emailing us or call 07852 191323, to start the conversation about how we can support you to unleash your potential.