2 more sleeps – whoop diddly whoop :)

Yay – then back on it, prosecco for breakfast, out for a boozy lunch followed up with cocktails on a night out – all accompanied with a McD’s, a big fat steak and fries and a kebab…. yep that’s the 1st of August sorted then !!! OR NOT

During my journey with NLP I have done a lot of work with people developing new behaviours and strategies that serve them better. Ones that have a lasting effect on their lives, if of course they choose them to.

Over the last 30 days ( soooooo nearly 31) I have been focusing on changing a behaviour I have had and reinforcing a new way of being and habit, all of which has and will serve me well going forward.

To really ensure that I have replaced my old behaviour I have been working at a number of levels all designed to embed my new way of being at a deeper more unconscious level.

Exercise, diet and mindset have been the key elements- each one has been modified, cleansed if you will and reinforced with an approach that requires my buy in at a number of levels. Each one also has clear indicators that progress is being made.

Let’s start with exercise, so I have been either running or cycling almost every day with the odd day off for recovery- my endurance, speed and desire for both has increased significantly ( I might be enjoying running now- well nearly ).

My yoga practice has continued and under the expert eye of Jools ( wholeness Yoga) Julia Montague – Vocability Ltd my flexibility, ability to be present and generally connect with my breathe has developed massively and this is something again I will continue with past the 31st.

Diet- well what can I say, did I really think I could get through a month with out a drink .. in all honesty nope , and look at me whoop that is exactly what I have ( nearly) done..I feel so much better as a result.

Clean eating is now part of my world and I so prefer it- the taste and flavours of fresh foods, the creativity of new recipes and the feeling afterwards- my body is so benefiting from it.

Finally my mindset- I am ‘all over this shit’ … I am focused, resilient, resourceful and capable. My drive and determination is heightened and my desire to be the best version of me is flashing away in front of me like the green light at a road junction…

So what will the 1st of August bring – there will be a glass of wine to celebrate and there will be a continuation of everything else- I will set my goals and intentions for the month of August and we will build from there ….

Right off for a run, then yoga and a healthy breakfast …

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