2017 – The Power of Positive Mindset

As I walked back through the grounds of the local church in Attleborough (the little village my parents live in) I was compelled to enter the church itself. Now for anyone who knows me I am not really the church going type. Religion isn’t my ‘thing’ although I have a healthy respect for it and anyone who follows a belief. Although I do believe in the power of our Mindset.

With my shopping in one hand I made my way to the door. The sign said ‘Church Open, All Welcome’. Switching my phone to silent I tentatively pushed the door. As I entered I took a deep breath. I have no idea what to expect or why I decided to enter. As I placed my bag down and sat, a sense of calm seemed to descend. I looked up at the beautiful stain glass window and the incredible wooden arc that welcomed you into the church. The silence bought peace and for a moment I could understand the lure of such as place.

I looked through the arc further into the church and noticed some tea light candles gently burning in the corner. On the rare occasions that I have been in a church (other than weddings, funerals and christenings) I always like to light a candle or two. One for my Grandma and often another for someone who might be going through some challenges or maybe an illness. Digging around in my pocket I found a 20pence piece and popped it into the box. I didn’t have any more change, but I took the approach that God wouldn’t mind and might turn a blind eye if I decided to light a second one (which I did).

My Dad is about to embark on the next stage of his cancer treatment- Radiotherapy. The hormone treatment has been very positive, apart from the side effects. The cancer has shrunk and is now in a place to be managed. It will never be cured, only managed and controlled. When I arrived at my parents home last night I found a tired, pale and totally fed up Pops sat in front of me. The CT scan hadn’t gone well and so he has to go back. Right now his mindset is negative. He sees the next couple of months of daily trips to the hospital as a ‘putting my life on hold’ stage. He seems defeated, quiet and despondent. I can only try and see it from his point of view, and ultimately that is impossible. I am not him, I do not have cancer and I do not have a very scary battle to fight ahead of me where the outcome is unknown.

So as I light my second candle (sorry God) I think of my Dad and send him as much strength, love and light as I am able to. I want to take it all away and fight the battle for him. I want to remind him just how well he is doing, but I know this will fall on deaf ears. What I can do is remain positive and upbeat for him and for Mum (who is fighting the battle by his side)

The power of our mindset is extraordinary. My goal is to help my Dad see the positives in all of this. Right now I too am struggling to see what they might be. Equally it’s about respect. Respecting that this is his journey and he will do with it as he chooses. Life is about choice and feeling empowered to make the choices we want to for us and for those around us.

It’s time to take a deep breath and step into the unknown and hope that the power of our mindset can win through.

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