Day 5 – Whoop

Finally at day 5 of my juice detox and it has at times been easy and at times challenging- today I am hungry and determined… due to a poor nights sleep I am also tired…
I have been training today as it’s been day 1 of our TLT and Hypnosis course and the fabulous group have been a great distraction for me, as has watching them develop their skills and knowledge.
It has been a day where I have been reminded of how lucky I am to be doing what I do for a living- I meet incredible people all of whom have a back story and all of whom are unique.
So this evening I took the intention of ‘I am worthy’ to the mat and with the brilliant and patient guidance of Jools (Julia Montague – Vocability Ltd) Wholeness Yoga I completed my fifth yoga practice.. totally connecting to my intention and knowing I am worthy of all that I am, all that I give and all that I have.
Breakfast tomorrow whoop with really food..

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