Day 6 – morning after the 5 days before

Food glorious food….

I woke up this morning with mixed feelings, part of me was pleased I had achieved the 5 days and was looking forward to eating food real food again, and part was a little dubious about eating again and potentially going back to my old habits.

It was interesting for me to notice the shift I had while I was out for my morning run with Sidney (bless, if only he could speak he would have so much to share). As I ran I noticed how different I was feeling, lighter and I don’t just mean from a weight perspective I also mean peace of mind. I ran further and faster, now let’s get some perspective on this – I am not talk Usain Bolt, nope I am talking an increase that was noticeable for me and that for now is enough.

Needless to say,  as I noticed i was feeling fitter I also noticed the change in my internal dialogue, everything and I mean everything that I was thinking was forward focused and supportive and congruent with who I am and where I want to be. I reflected on a conversation I had last week with my new coach Simon Jordan about loving what you do and focusing on that instead of some of the necessities and I also reflected on the intentions I had set whilst being on my yoga mat each evening with Jools.

As a highly resourceful individual (which by the way we all are) it really is as simple as focus and commitment and being present and mindful of the changes you see and experience. Following a fabulous day of TLT and Hypnosis with an incredible group I arrived home to lots of activity and energy in the house, having eaten my dinner ( healthy vegan option) I took to my mat for my 6th session with Jools Wholeness Yoga… my intention ‘I am supported’… yes I am!

Breakfast for Kings

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