Day 7- Ten days down :)

Another one bites the dust….

Day ten takes me into another week and a busy one at that. This is day two of our July NLP Practitioner Course and like all the courses we run it requires my full attention, heightened levels of awareness and bucket loads of energy.
Historically I go home after a full on day of discovery and change for the delegates and reach for a glass of wine as I sit down to enjoy dinner and prep for the next day. This is after a day where undoubtedly I would have indulged in lunch which would have included cheese from Missenden Abbey’s fabulous cheeseboard.
So how has today differed, well, it started with a lie in which wasn’t part of the plan, however I got over it and took LIVY one of my great loves ( yes my bike) out for a swift 8 mile sprint. This really did help set me up for my day. Showered & dressed, I then sat down to enjoy a healthy fresh fruit seeds and yoghurt breakfast before heading to work, no lunch and a day of herbal teas instead of plenty of coffee.
This whole process would have been very different if it wasn’t for the fact that I have been so organised that absolutely everything I need for this weeks course is already sorted and in place at the Abbey.
Previous times, I would have sat back and enjoyed a glass of wine thinking I can get it sorted later, I have headspace though and clarity of thinking and time and this all feels good.
I am really noticing a difference in the way I am working, behaving and generally feeling about myself and what I am doing. I am not totally reborn fear not- I do want and miss having a glass of wine however where I want to get to is enjoying the occasional glass instead of sharing a couple of bottles because is a beautiful evening. New habits and behaviours 🙂
This evening I took the intention of ‘I am deserving’ to my yoga session with Jools ( Wholeness Yoga), and as I went through my practise I totally connected with it- noticing a big change already in my flexibility and strength. Life is good and long may I recognise this.

Day 11 tomorrow and a very busy couple of weeks ahead with a couple of big opportunities on the horizon …so here is the thing my intention resounds in my head ..’I am deserving’…

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