Digital – Desired or Detested

The power of the digital world is around us all the time, as our lives become more and more driven by technology our requirement and need to embrace technology increases.

The speed by which we can communicate with people no matter where they might be is phenomenal, our worlds can come together in a split second and separate with the same speed. We can source information in a nano second that previously would have meant hours of research flicking through pages and pages of books and documents. We can collaborate with our colleagues and form virtual groups, build communities, chat rooms and blog sites all designed to increase communication and widen our reach. How incredibly powerful is that?

How else does this growth in technology impact our worlds, does it bring us closer to people as in truly closer to those that matter in our world or does it in fact do the opposite? By being glued to our phones, laptops (know I am on mine now) do we forget or neglect to interact with those around us. It’s a choice we make, shall we be present with those in our lives, physically in our lives or shall we be distracted by the person out there in the etha…?

I too have been guilty of just this, often with my daughter when I am half listening in on our conversation and focused on the conversation I am having with someone else via What’s Ap or Messenger. How present am I being, how much respect am I showing the other person actually how much respect am I showing either parties.  With technical innovation, all around us and forming the backbone of our worlds (whether we choose to embrace it or not) it would serve us to be mindful of how it fits into our lives to achieve the best outcome and for it to be inclusive ensuring it doesn’t become exclusive to key people around.

It’s about balance and choice, as so many things in our lives are, we choose what we want to do, how we feel and when and where to let things influence us. So you could say that the person who feels excluded by someone else’s actions has chosen to feel that way. This is true to a degree as also is the NLP presupposition – ‘the meaning of communication is the response we get’. This is worth remembering – Meribian says that only 7% of our communication are the words we use, meaning that 97% remains non-verbal and this can be interpreted very much through our actions….bringing me right back to my opening comment about the use of technology in our worlds.

I really feel that being mindful of how and when we use technology is key, as it continues to become an integral part of our lives it, let’s remember to be thankful and grateful for the people in our worlds.

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