I don’t like Mondays

In the words of the Boomtown Rats, I don’t like Mondays. I would actually go so far as to say I REALLY don’t like them, but why? After a lovely weekend with the right balance of relaxation and being pro-active (getting shit done) I woke up at 4am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. The term busy brain doesn’t even come close. Multiple thoughts flying around my head whilst my heart began to pump quicker, and my anxiety levels were on the rise. Why? Just because it is now Monday? Really?
How powerful the mind is when you think about the fact that I have created something for myself that doesn’t serve me at all. Telling myself that I don’t like Mondays helps me how? Well it doesn’t. All I am doing is looking for evidence that Monday will indeed be a day that I don’t like instead of making the choice to reframe it and see it as something to be grateful for. A new day, a new week, new opportunities and possibilities. What’s not to like? EVERYTHING screams my inner voice.
Today I decided to face the day with a different thought process. Let me explain…..
I had the pleasure of attending a Mindfulness and Meditation workshop on Saturday. A day of guided meditations and a whole host of mindful exercises. I came away feeling lighter and as my partner described it as ‘gloriously wrecked’. I’m no stranger to meditation and I work hard to meditate on a daily basis. Mindfulness however is relatively new to me. I understand the concept of it and can see the massive benefits of implementing a mindfulness practice, but so far haven’t found what that looks like for me. So when I was wide awake at 4am I took a moment to be present, really present with the emotions, feelings and sensations that were there. I asked myself what words I would give these emotions and also allowed myself to feel them. Yes it was uncomfortable, but it was a different approach for me and one that felt a little odd. Not a bad odd or a particularly good odd, just odd.
Nothing changes without change. That change can be the choice to do something different with a thought, to behave in a way that might feel a little alien to you (remaining patient and calm whilst trying to get two kids out the door in order to get them to school on time). Whatever it might be in comes from a place of being mindful or aware. That in itself leads to more choice, more opportunities and possibilities.
So today instead of getting completely bogged down with the idea of it being Monday, and looking for evidence to confirm that I really don’t like this day of the week (and what has it ever done to me), I am actively being mindful of my thoughts and my behaviour. My usual thoughts around not having enough time to get everything done was put to one side. The sun was shining, the sky wonderfully blue and a moment of realisation that I am lucky enough to live in a fabulous rural location with great walks all around me meant I chose to walk the dog for 45 minutes instead of reluctantly and resentfully sitting at my desk working my way through the to do list. It was still going to be there when I got back, but maybe I would see it with fresh eyes, and a different more positive approach?
So Monday I apologise for disliking you so much. From now on I will make a commitment to you to see you differently, to nurture you a little more and generally be kinder to you.

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