The morning after the 21 DAYS before….

The last three weeks have been full on, running three back to back courses with only a days rest between and each course requiring me to be fully present and ‘in it’.

No better time to be doing a 31 day detox, clean eating, no alcohol campaign right? Note any slight sarcasm?

Well actually the timing has been perfect as it has helped me be totally focused, energised and determined to deliver the best I can on each course. Whilst providing me with a fabulous distraction from all the things I feel I am missing out on, yes? .. well yes and no as although it has been a great distraction I actually haven’t been missing out on anything infact the opposite has occurred. I have been able to exercise everyday, my running has improved and I no longer feel like I am dragging my sorry body round with me as I wun- nope I am actually enjoying running and running further and better ( yes you heard that right – a first I know so hold on to it).

I also haven’t missed the alcohol and the habit of reaching for a glass of wine seems to be broken and a new healthier habit is forming… check me out 🙂

Over the month there have been a few curved balls that in the past would have challenged me and in turn I might have reached for a glass of wine in the evening… instead I have dealt with them in a balanced effective way, maintaining a clear head and focus. A win I would say.

Completing my yoga session in the evening on a daily basis with Jools ( Wholeness Yoga) has really added value…enabling me to be present and connected with both my breath and my intention… this is definitely something for me to continue after the 31 days as I see the benefits…

Ok so what has challenged me this week as it can’t all be rosy in the detox household:) the biggest thing I have noticed is what I am saying to myself and others – only another 14 /13/12 days to go … as if It was an endurance test and I was focusing on stopping! This has been quite timely as this week we have been doing a lot of work around values and whether they are towards or away from… my words reflected an away from approach and this was evident in how I was feeling both mentally and physically…the solution again timely was to reframe my thoughts and focus on achievement, one of my core values in business and health & fitness.

I have also noticed that there have been times where I would like a glass of wine, yep clearly you might be thinking — so how does this differ from normal,well it is the difference between saying I need a glass of wine because the day have been challenging etc and saying I would like a glass of wine as I fancy enjoying one.. subtle yet important..

So where too now, well in just over two weeks we go on holiday and I am visualising how I am going to feel, look and be:) I am excited by the prospect of feeling physically fit and comfortable in my bikini and being at peace with myself…so that works…
My week ahead is busy with a number of important meetings that will firm up opportunities and all require me to be focused, determined and the best version of me… this month is serving me well…

Happy weekend all xxx

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