NLP as an amplifier for sales

How to improve your sales, revenue and profit
There are 5 key areas to improve your sales:
Develop/refine your customer proposition
This includes being able to articulate what you offer, your ideal customers and their characteristics, how they benefit, how you reach them, how you contact them and how you’re better than your competition
Your attitude
This includes your beliefs and state throughout the sales process.
Your sales strategy and process
Including – Prospecting, qualifying potential clients, establishing value, handling objections, moving the sale forward (including closing), helping clients implement and achieve value, testimonials, case studies, and referrals.
Your sales skills – implementing your sales strategy
This might include state management, building inner resilience and persistence, mental rehearsal, framing, prospecting, developing your network, establishing trust, establishing value, presenting, negotiating, handling objections, closing.
Your activity
Sales is a contact sport. What are your key activities each day? What do you establish as essential habits? How do you review how you’re doing? How do you improve what you do?
In essence
When you are trying to persuade someone – for any matter – what would happen if you were better at what you do? Like it or not, everyone is selling something. It could be your 13-year-old daughter wanting to stay up late, or it could be you negotiating a £5M deal.

In the corporate world, firms that have used NLP techniques report their success through a significant increase in their profits, and sales. They simply get more people to say yes to them and buy their products and services by using both sophisticated and simple NLP techniques. Outside the business world, NLP also plays a key role in helping individuals and organizations to achieve their goals and improve their state in all areas of life.

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