• Have you ever wondered how to get your team motivated and win more clients?
  • Do you find yourself employing someone to only €˜let them go€™ 3 months later because they didn€™t €˜quite fit€™?
  • What about presenting €“ are you filled with fear and your palms get hot at the thought?

Our trainers work with some of UK€™s largest firms, providing training that combines both NLP techniques with real-life business situations. By working with individuals and teams, we provide bespoke training to unleash your teams€™ potential, and allow you to develop your business.

Whether you are a sole trader, or multi-national, NLP can truly give you powerful results. Each of our trainers has previous experience in either running their own business, working for large corporates or small businesses. Taking real-life situations allows us to show you where NLP can be applied, what difference it can make, and how by learning some quick, simple techniques, people€™s potential can grow.

Contact us now so we can develop your bespoke training in business NLP, or take a look below at some of the areas we can help you with:

Managing €“ if you are managing a team, or working with other people; how would it feel to work better together and achieve more? NLP allows you to improve business relationships, manage teams more effectively, and recruit more intelligently. This sounds like a great place to work doesn€™t it?

Recruitment – we help businesses, HR teams and recruitment agencies have the right skills to make recruiting staff a successful process. How often have you heard people say €œthey came across great in the interview€, yet on day 1, the team knew they were not right for the job! Bad recruitment not only is a pain for the employer, it€™s also a pain for the new employee. Having the knowledge to see if the person will not only fit, but has the right skills, ability and personality to suit the business is invaluable.

Sales and Negotiation €“ If you€™re sales team isn€™t performing, who are you going to call? Call us! It€™s easy to find fault in why people aren€™t making the sale and closing the deal €“ yet, what are the root causes of this? By taking a deeper look, NLP can teach people how to build rapport with customers quickly, identify sales earlier, and negotiate better outcomes. You want to maximise sales from your team don€™t you? Then why not let NLP help you?

Marketing €“ Language plays a major part in NLP and if you€™re marketing team are NLP savvy €“ then your communication with your customers will be leagues ahead! You can also become a lot more knowledgeable about buying behaviour and patterns, which advertising campaign will work, which won€™t. Become one step ahead of your competition and learn NLP for better marketing.

Presentation Skills €“ not everyone enjoys standing up and presenting to crowds €“ and some are nervous at just a few people. There are ways in which you can overcome these fears. It€™s a common thing we see in businesses yet a lot of people shy away. It€™s fixable though €“ so relax, talk to us and you€™ll overcome the jittery knees at public speaking!