NLP for Parents

Becoming a parent changes your life completely. Not only are you responsible for taking care of your child, but guiding and educating them through life too.  Many parents benefit from learning neuro linguistic programming as it helps them improve their communication techniques with their children. NLP is based on the concept that how we think and feel affects what we say and do. In this article we will explain how NLP sessions can benefit parents.

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NLP can teach parents how to identify the best way to communicate with their children.

How does NLP work?

NLP gives you more control over your life so that you can manage the obstacles in the way of achieving your goals. Through NLP sessions you will learn how to visualise the obstacles you face and the ways in which they can be overcome. You will also begin to understand more about yourself, gaining more self-control and belief so that you can make better decisions. In the case of parenting NLP, it can also be used to enhance communication with your child and improve your confidence in your abilities as a parent. We will now go onto explain the key benefits of NLP for parents.

Understanding how your child operates

Neuro linguistic programming can teach you how to identify how your child€™s mind works and what type of communication they respond best to. Some children will be visual, whereas others may be auditory or kinaesthetic. Once you have identified what form of communication your child responds to best, you will be able to learn the types of phrases you need to use in order to get them to do something like get ready for school, eat their dinner or go to bed.

Another skill you will learn is how to identify what your child needs in order to carry out a particular task. For example, some children respond better to having a choice of what to do, whereas others prefer a plan. If a child prefers a choice you will need to offer options such €˜clean your teeth or put your pyjamas on.€™ If they need a plan you could say €˜clean your teeth first and then put your pyjamas on.€™

NLP will help you to get to know your child better and understand how they operate. Once you have done this, communicating with them will become much easier and together you will be able to achieve the outcomes you require.

Creating positive outcomes

Parents have to make decisions every day and the majority of times things work out well for them and their children. There are however other times when things go wrong. Rather than parents feeling like they have failed their children, NLP teaches them to learn from their experience and use it as feedback. By doing this they can see how things can be done differently in order to achieve the desired results.

child eating dinner

Through NLP parents can learn the most effective ways to communicate with their children so they understand what is required of them e.g. eating their dinner or going to bed.


Parenting certainly isn€™t a walk in the park. Every parent struggles at one point or another, whether it is with communicating with their child or making the right decision for their family. Many parents benefit from neuro linguistic programming as it helps them to gain a greater perspective on their role as a parent. It can also enable them to gain confidence in their abilities as a parent by teaching them to take past mistakes and turn them into positive outcomes. Finally, neuro linguist programming can also benefit parents by educating them how to identify what their child needs in the form of communication.  Once they have mastered this, they should find that their children are much more responsive to their communications, as they understand exactly what is required of them.


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