I started my career with a well known high street retailer John Lewis PLC and at that time redundancy still had a bit of a stigma attached to it… a few years later when I choose to take redundancy from my then employer T-Mobile redundancy was then commonplace and the stigma had gone.

Fast forward to now and redundancy is an accepted  part of the world we live in and the stigma is non existent.

What hasn’t gone though are the emotional reactions and feelings of ‘what next’ and ‘at a crossroads’ that can follow for the person involved.

The internal dialogue we have at an event such as this is so important for how we move forward. If we view this as a nightmare and a worry then we might find ourselves taking a role we feel we should have instead of truly wanting just to ensure we are financially sound.

As I mentioned I took redundancy from my role at T-Mobile and what an opportunity it presented me with- not only was someone going to give me a lump sum of money they were also going to be responsible for introducing me to my first client Samsung.

First client- yes that’s right as on the back of leaving my role I set up my first business N-vest – now Instrui a technical training company.

So what shifted for me— well two weeks before the conversation about redundancy started I had completed my NLP Practitioner Course and had realised the importance of inner dialogue and how we can change it to become the best version of ourselves.

The tools, techniques and behaviours I developed some 14 years ago have served me well and I swear by my NLP journey.

For me redundancy couldn’t have come at a better time, an amazing opportunity to do what I had always wanted to do – be my own boss… fast forward to today and I know that NLP has been the key ingredient to all I have achieved since…

I am lucky enough also to work in the world of NLP now .

So if you find yourself at a crossroads or facing a big change, then consider how being the best version of you could help you move forward?

How it could help you be flexible and recognise the choices available to you…

Redundancy can be, in fact often is a great opportunity for something new and the next chapter – how exciting

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