A life-changing course that will change your world forever

When you sign up for an Edge NLP training course, you’re signing up for change. BIG CHANGE. Often big, hairy, scary, dig deep and deeper still ‘til you think you can’t dig any deeper change. But that is what we truly want for you. Your greatest self is waiting to meet you on the other side. And we’ve got your back the whole way through the process.

Gathering info at this stage? Good work – research is so important. Here’s some tip of the iceberg stuff to answer those initial questions.

Why should I choose Edge NLP anyway?

Simple! Because it’s fun, genuinely enjoyable, rewarding, motivating, energizing, exciting and set in a fabulous location with brilliant people. Most of all, we give you the tools you need to turn your world upside down in a totally awesome way.

Personal or Professional?

We believe the two go hand in hand. You might choose our training because you want to be more effective in business – but then you discover a deeply held personal belief that’s holding you back. You might be on a journey of personal discovery then learn something new that totally applies to your business or career. Eureka moments all over the place!

Are the courses accredited?

Yes indeed. We are fully accredited by ABNLP and keep fully up to date with advances in techniques and research.

Where does the training take place?

Most Edge NLP courses are held at Where Inspiration Blooms, Chartridge Lane, Chesham, Buckinghamshire HP5 2TU. Details of this and our other venues can be found here.

How much does the training cost?

Think of it as an investment rather than a cost – because it really is. You’ll find the full list of course fees on our course What’s On page . We’re always open to a chat about payment terms so please do give us a call if this is a decision making factor for you.

I’m not 100% sure it’s right for me…

…which is why we offer taster days! We want you to feel totally confident that you’ve made the right decision, chosen the right course and feel inspired and ready to give it your all. A taster day gives you great insight into what’s in store in the week -long course. Better still, it’s just £40 for a half-day session.