Seeing Through Sound with Syd May

| 39 mins

A frank and fascinating conversation with Syd who lost her sight at 9 months old through cancer. Syd is now a coach, and a campaigner for raising awareness of visually

The Empathetic Entrepreneur John Fleming

| 40 mins

A fascinating conversation with John, a highly talented individual with a unique approach. A frank conversation about the importance of change and how we can all become a better version

Paying It Forward with VA Sarah Crowner

| 30 mins

Social Media- love it or hate it, it's now a big part of any business. Sarah is a VA who specialises in all things social media and loves it (I

The Hairy Impact (not what you think) with Sally Riceman

| 50 mins

A frank and funny conversation with the fabulous Sally Riceman, talking all things menopause, including how hair and beauty are such an important part of who we are and how

Simplicity of Success with Simon Jordon

| 40 mins

This Podcast was record a week before Simons' sudden passing, in it he talks with enormous passion about finding balance and flow in his life and how others can do

The Accidental Entrepreneur, Penny Power

| 43 mins

Penny talks candidly about her journey in business, the successes, the pain points and moments of complete despair. Sharing her drivers and the elements of building a business that brings

The Colour of Certainty with Kirsty Keiller

| 38 mins

By the age of 25 Kirsty was struggling with an eating disorder and was abusing fitness. Five years later Kirsty had trained to be a personal trainer. She understood the

Green Task Force with Andy Steele

| 33 mins

Having left the Navy Andy worked in Asia for a Power Station polluting the air and quickly realised that things needed to change. The older you get you realise what

How to form a healthy relationship with your body with Samatha Vale

| 49 mins

An open and candid conversation with the fabulous Sam Vale. A creative individual who has a refreshingly honest view of body confidence, the narratives we use and how to find

Stuck to Motivated with Bitesize Us- August Round Up

| 14 mins

Pip and Jools talk all things August and Marathon training. What motivates you to focus and challenge yourself towards your goals? Jools talks about her fear of long runs and

The Modern Medicine Woman Angie Litvinoff

| 40 mins

Angie Litvinoff -The Modern Medicine Woman joins us on Bitesize Edge, for a fascinating conversation about all things 'purpose' 'ego' and the extraordinary Shamanic world.

Just be 1% better next time with Gary Sullivan OBE

| 37 mins

Leaving school with no qualifications didn't stop Gary from achieve all he set out to achieve. From joining the miltary, leaving the miltary, setting up Wilson James (Secuity, Aviation and

The Power of Values with Jeremy Bevan

| 36 mins

In the middle of a pandemic, Jeremy decided to step out of his role as VP at Cisco to set up his own business, Purpose Rocks. Jeremy focuses his time

My Relationship With Lycra with Marc Wood

| 39 mins

At the age of 17 Marc had his leg amputated due to cancer. 18 months later he was at his first paralympic games in Seoul. Over his career as an

Takiwatanga with Matt Robinson

| 44 mins

That moment when you are told your child is autistic is a moment many of us will never face. Matt and his wife Zan have spent the last 10 years

Half Marathons and Health with Pip and Jools

| 8 mins

Pip & Jools share their thoughts and experiences from the last 4 weeks as part of the June Round Up. Here's the link to Jools' just giving page:

Where Veterans Matter with Gail Alcaster

| 31 mins

Gail, has always had a passion for the great outdoors and nature, this started at an early age where the family garden was Gail’s place to escape. Having a parent

Overcoming Abusive Relationships with Janine Mitchell

| 40 mins

An uplifting Podcast - focusing on how living through an abusive relationship spurred Janine on to help others regain their strength. Janine has focused her career on helping others regain

Imperfectly Perfect with Sarah Veall

What do horses and coaching have in common? Can horses really read our state and respond to how we are feeling? According to Equine Facilitated Coach, Sarah Veall they can.

May Round Up- Hugs All Round with Bitesize Us

| 8 mins

Want to know what we've been up to here at Edge HQ? In this bitesize Us wrap up for May, Pip and Jools chat about the exciting projects they have

Mudslide to the Oscars with Rafael Dos Santos

| 31 mins

Moving to a new country is one thing, but not speaking the language is something quite different. Rafael Dos Santos arrived into the UK knowing just two people with no

Breathing In Short Pants with Dani Diosi

| 33 mins

Birth can often be far from ideal. Why is that the case? Fear of the unknown and the terrifying stories we hear can have a direct impact on our experiences.

Let It Go with Paul Lowe

| 43 mins

Having attempting suicide at the age of just 13 and a half on that fateful day 23rd March 1974, Paul was left with a life defining moment. His fighting instinct

What’s Your Date of Birth? with Denise O’Dwyer

| 35 mins

What if we could use Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui to help us make important decisions? From marriage, to moving home to taking a new job, it’s all in the

Welcoming Tom White to the Edge Team!

| 27 mins

Tom is an avid fan of NLP, coaching and personal development. Have completed his NLP journey with Edge NLP alongside his role as a coach in a corporate high street

Bitesize Us! April Round Up with Pip and Jools

| 20 mins

Each month we reflect on things- from how the business is going, what's gone well and what's not gone so well. April has been a pretty good month for Edge.

I’m here to bake the cake with Pauline Pincham

| 34 mins

April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, Pauline at 36 was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer 6 months after her son was born and 2 years after Pauline first noticed

Bitesize Us talks Resilience

| 26 mins

What does Resilience really mean to you? Pip talks to Jools about the three pronged approach to resilience and how being mindful has a place in being resilient. Filled with

Amy Rowlinson talks about the WHY

| 32 mins

Amy Rowlinson is a leader in purpose and fulfilment. With a fascination for understanding WHY people do what they do in life, Amy is on a mission as a Life

Bitesize Edge – Speaks frankly with Emma Rundle about Her own Mental Health Challenges

| 25 mins

Emma speak about understanding her journey with mental health and how sharing her story to help raise awareness proved to be a truly rewarding step. Abit about Emmas work ...

The Impact of COVID 19 – Suzanne Hurndall HR Inspire

| 22 mins

A frank conversation about mental wellness in the workplace with the impact of COVID and Furlough etc

Will Schweppe, Royal Marine Veteran

| 31 mins

As featured on The One Show, Will spoke to Bitesize Edge about his incredible adventure rowing 3000 across the Atlantic alongside Nutty, Brucie and Juniour. The four Royal Marines embarked

Heledd Kendrick, Founder & CEO of Recruit for Spouses

| 26 mins

Heledd Kendrick is the founder and CEO of Recruit for Spouses (RfS), a social enterprise (CiC) which solely exists to help the wives and partners of our Armed Forces into

Karen Moyse, Leadership Coach

| 27 mins

Karen Moyse is a leadership coach specifilising in a particular style of coaching 'Time to Think'. Prior to working in the world of coaching, Karen was the Deputy CEO for

Pippa Sawyer, Radio Presenter and Pioneer

| 23 mins

Pippa talks to Jools about her journey into Radio. Pippa has now stepped away from the community radio station she lovingly started and grew from scratch to host the first

Mick Dawson, Ocean Rower- Cockleshell Endeavours

| 43 mins

Mick Dawson is one of the most experienced ocean rowers in the world having rowed over 20,000 miles 20,000 mi (32,000 km) across the worlds oceans during some 524 days

Steve Judge, International Motivational Speaker

| 37 mins

At the age of 28, a devastating car accident left Steve Judge fighting for his life and following life saving operations was subsequently told that he may never walk again”

Larissa Clarke, Fitness and Wellbeing Coach

| 18 mins

Larissa is a fitness and wellbeing coach. Having trained as a personal trainer, Larissa focuses on the importance of the physcial and mental wellbeing of her clients. Look out for

Jen Winnett, Self taught Watercolour Eco Artist

| 21 mins

Jen Winnett used art as part of her recovery of Anorexia. Fast forward four years and Jen is running a wonderful business offering eco art in the form of bags,

Marianna Slivnitskaya, Runner & Long Covid Sufferer

| 23 mins

Marianna is passionate runner. Fit and healthy mum of two, Marianna got Covid-19 at the end of March 2020 with very mild symptoms. Fast forward to today and Marianna struggles

Jools Montague talks Lockdown

| 19 mins

Jools speaks candidly about the impact of going into a third lockdown on home schooling, work and the balance involved with mental wellness

Pip Thomas, Founder and Director Edge NLP

| 19 mins

Pip Thomas, founder and director or Edge NLP talks to Jools about her plans and goals for 2021. From getting herself a business coach to running a half marathon.

Vanessa Horton, Performance Poet

| 23 mins

An absolute talent for words. Have a listen- you will even get to hear Vanessa read some of her poetry.

Sarah Perugia, Leadership Coach and Keynote Speaker

| 23 mins

Sarah talks about the work she does on Resilience and how self care is more important than ever before. Sarah also tells me about the fantastic new project she is

Alison Lewin, Actor and Personal Development Coach

| 20 mins

Ali talks about her life and how she finds herself as a Personal Development Coach. We talk about her journey into acting and moving 'South'. Check out her website

Rita Ross talks about RETT Syndrome and her daughter Frankie

| 37 mins

Rita Ross speaks with honesty about her journey to today following her Daugther Frankie's diagnosis of RETT Syndrome over 10 years ago. Rita has gone on to set up a

Mike Rogers, Voice Over Artist and Actor

| 34 mins

Mike Rogers is a successful Voice Over Artist, Actor and works in Learning and Development. He completed his Practitioner course back in 2016 with us. What a delight to chat

Serap Enver, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Healer & Mindfulness Coach

| 25 mins

An insightful conversation with Serap about her journey to become a Shamanism Practitioner . Serap is a Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Touch Energy Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist. She

Julia Palmer shares an insight into Cystic Fibrosis

| 41 mins

Julia talks about her family journey with CF and how they live with the day to day requirements and expectations of managing the disease. Inspiring, uplifting and real....

Amy Deane, Celebrant, Motivational Coach and Radio Presenter

Bitesize Edge chats to Amy Deane, Celebrant, Coach and Cancer survivor. We talk life and death and everything in between!

Lynn Hord, The Joy Coach

| 27 mins

Lynn Hord, The Joy Coach chats to Bitesize Edge about the importance of Joy. Lynn also openly and honestly shares her battle with cancer story. An inspirational lady. Thanks Lynn

Simon Jordan, Marketing and Brand Consultant and Coach

| 26 mins

A frank, open and honest interview with Simon Jordan a Marketing and Brand Consultant and Coach. Simon talks openly about the life changing moment when he chose to listen to

Jude Schweppe, Creative Director of Bubble & Pop

| 26 mins

A fabulous conversation with the Creative Director of Bubble and Pop. Jude is a entrepreneur with creativity at her soul. What an insightful conversation! Not only is Jude creative director,

Louise Miller, Productivity Mentor

| 22 mins

Louise is a Productivity Mentor who guides busy, successful business owners along a calm path to a more organised life. She believes productivity shouldn’t be about cramming more in, but

Arabella Underwood, HR Director

| 23 mins

Bitesize Edge chats to the very lovely Arabella (Ari) Underwood. Ari is a HR Director who uses her NLP skills to build relationships with people within her working world.

Steffi Lewis, Developer, Blogger, Videographer and Cancer Survivor

| 23 mins

Steffi is a developer, blogger, videographer, foodie, cat lover, scifi nut, cancer survivor and countryside dweller. Have a listen to Steffi talk very openly about her life and the role

Linda Hucklesby, NLP Master Practitioner

| 22 mins

After 40 years in the corporate arena, Linda left her job and went on a journey to find out who she was and what she really wanted. A great conversation.

Chris Alcock, Trainer in Lean Thinking

| 20 mins

Jools talks to Chris Alcock who is a trainer in Lean Thinking. Chris is an NLP master coach and has completed all his training with Edge NLP.

Keith Amoss, Career Coach and Mentor

| 18 mins

Keith is a qualified business coach and mentor specialising in career coaching ( A Londoner, now based in Luxembourg, he has over 25 years of experience at senior levels in

Tom White, Learning Consultant, facilitator and coach

21/05/2020 | 31 mins

Tom is a learning consultant, facilitator and coach working in the world of retail leadership development. Tom balances equally busy work and family lives, whilst managing to find time for

Debbie Leafe, Mindfit Coaching

| 20 mins

Debbie runs Mindfit Coaching with her daugther following a successful career in the NHS. Debbie talking frankly about her experiences with NLP, Mindfulness and other coaching tools and how they

Sarah Taylor, Breathwork and Productivity Coach

| 21 mins

We got to chat with Sarah Taylor who is a Wellbeing, Mindset and Breathwork Coach. Sarah speaks about her journey over the last few years and how she has changed

Karen Chamberlain, Trainer, Faciliator, Coach and Marathon Runner

| 21 mins

We spoke to Karen Chamberlain, busy working Mum to twin girls who runs a successful L&D company. Karen is a trainer, facilitator and coach who has recently embarked on running,

Beth Parmar, Teenage, Family, Children, Parent Coach

| 20 mins

Bitesize Edge speak with the fabulous Beth Parmar exploring how she uses NLP as part of her toolkit when working with children, young adults and parents. Helping them develop a

Sonia Grimes, The Recovery Coach

| 24 mins

Bitesize Edge talk with the fabulous Sonia Grimes, the Recovery Coach about her extraordinary journey and how NLP has played a role in her recovery and career... a must listen

Emma James, Physiotherapist and successful business owner

03/04/2020 | 30 mins

A great conversation with Emma James exploring the relationship between physical aliments and injuries and the power of thought. How by developing your knowledge of NLP can further enhance recovery

Matt Munns , Serial Entrepreneur

| 24 mins

Jools chats with Matt Munns about his journey with NLP both in his personal and professional world. How he has overcome a fear of presenting to becoming a leading presenter

Anna Parker-Naples, Speaker, Business Coach, Author and Podcast Expert

| 24 mins

Bitesize Edge chats with Anne Parker Naples, renowned speaker and business coach about her personal journey through to her business success.

Dr Ron Lawson, Artist and International Coach

13/03/2020 | 34 mins

A delight to speak with the fabulous Dr Ron Lawson a renowned international coach and artist now living his dream. Dr Ron explains his journey through life and how he

Denise Coates, Breast Cancer Awareness Champion

13/03/2020 | 28 mins

A frank and open conversation with Denise Coates a Breast Cancer Survivor and awareness champion. Talking about the charity work Denise has done and how she is spreading the word