Breathing In Short Pants with Dani Diosi

| 33 mins

Birth can often be far from ideal. Why is that the case? Fear of the unknown and the terrifying stories we hear can have a direct impact on our experiences. Having fallen pregnant with twins and experiencing a far from ideal birth, Dani Diosi decided enough was enough. After hiring a Doula to support her and her husband through the birth of their third child, Dani knew it was time to learn all there was to know about birth. A self-confessed Birth Geek, Dani understands the importance of choice and mindset and her purpose is helping everyone have the birth they want. Fast forward 18 years and Dani Diosi is a successful Author, Antenatal Educator, Doula, Hypnobirthing Facilitator and Trainer who LOVES to talk birth, babies and everything in between.