Imperfectly Perfect with Sarah Veall


What do horses and coaching have in common? Can horses really read our state and respond to how we are feeling? According to Equine Facilitated Coach, Sarah Veall they can. Everything about coaching is about creating a space for the client to feel emotionally safe. Sarah does this working not only as an Equine Facilitated Coach, where she has her ‘big furry mirrors’ to help in the process, but also in her work as a Transformational Coach. Sarah specialises in helping people reconnect with their ‘whole-self’ so they can live a meaningful and purposely life. She creates a safe, non-judgemental space to support clients to deconstruct stories they may have constructed about themselves; stripping away layers of conditioning, faulty thinking and limiting beliefs which may be stopping them living a true version of themselves. Adding the extra dimension of the horses, enables acceleration in raising self awareness and then making positive change. Horses have instinctive reactions and mirror behaviours within individuals. By recognising these attributes it enables us to be honest and true to ourselves and develop from within in a powerful and life changing way.