Let It Go with Paul Lowe

| 43 mins

Having attempting suicide at the age of just 13 and a half on that fateful day 23rd March 1974, Paul was left with a life defining moment. His fighting instinct kicked in. Two things were highlighted to him that kept him alive – the love for his mother and his beloved Nottingham Forest Football team. Step forward to 2021 and Paul Lowe is now an inspirational mentor, coach, author and founder of the World Game Changers Podcast. Through a journey from pain to prosperity, Paul uses vital life lessons to help and support others. His many books are also based on inspiring people to lead purposeful, prosperous lives; as is his ‘World Game-Changers’ podcast. Charitably, Paul is the founder of the Speaking From Our HEARTS Community Interest Company; an organisation that aspires through life-enhancing projects.