Mick Dawson, Ocean Rower- Cockleshell Endeavours

| 43 mins

Mick Dawson is one of the most experienced ocean rowers in the world having rowed over 20,000 miles 20,000 mi (32,000 km) across the worlds oceans during some 524 days at sea in ocean rowing boats. Completed in 70 days 10 hours and 12 minutes. Mick made his first attempt to row the Pacific Ocean solo in 2003, ended when his rudder was torn off, in severe weather, and he had to return to Japan after 12 days. Mick talks candidly about his motivation for setting up Cockleshell Endeavours to help veteran's with there transition to civvy street, as well as dealing with PTSD. Mick will inspire you with his down to earth realism.