Where Veterans Matter with Gail Alcaster

| 31 mins

Gail, has always had a passion for the great outdoors and nature, this started at an early age where the family garden was Gail’s place to escape. Having a parent with mental health issues Gail found peace and head space when outdoors. As an adult it was during one of her outdoor retreats that Gail meet Dr Andrew Steele who brough the PAP Foundation over from Asia , kids planting trees how fabulous Andrew then started inviting veterans along and it became very therapeutic. Tree secretes actual aromatherapy oils, it takes about 20 minutes apparently, it's called forest bathing. This was my motivation for changing my recruitment business and focusing on aligning veterans with roles in civvy street. Veterans by nature of their careers are dedicated, loyal , team players, hard working and determined. Finding the right people for the right roles is very rewarding, add to that a veteran who is transitioning into life in civvy street, potentially with trauma and finding them the right role is special. Www.Gail Acaster.co.uk @gailacaster on Twitter youtube.com/channel/UC2_K4nTh4Y4ypVuYkF9bLRA linkedin.com/in/gail-acaster-0868b2b2 GA Recruitment ltd on Facebook GA Recruitment ltd on Instagram