The day the world carried on……


That night, you know that night.. the one where sleep seems to elude you, where the bed you sleep in every night is now so uncomfortable and unwelcoming. The night when your partner decides for the first time in all the years you have known them to take up the art of snoring, and not at beginner level, oh no, a fully fledged snorer… so accomplished in fact that they sound like they are about to take off.

So imagine how you might be feeling when you eventually get up for a full days work in London, having only had what feels like two minutes sleep and having gone to bed already feeling anxious about your day ahead.

Let’s reflect a minute….

Gone to bed feeling anxious – Yep!

Shared your bed with Boeing – Yep!

Less than 60 seconds sleep – Yep!


Can you imagine how the coming day might just pan out, how you might be feeling emotionally, mentally and physically – in a good place yes? Right I think not, in fact potentially the complete opposite. And this is just another day like a couple you had last week and potentially will have again next week.

So now multiply this up over a week, month or even a year and think about the levels of stress, and how this might play out in all areas of your life. Stress, as we know, is one of the biggest contributing factors to bad health and disease and often we have shed loads of it in our lives.

It can be a result of our working practices, it might be a result of a current situation whether personally or professionally and in some ways it doesn’t really matter where it comes from. It matters more what we do with it and how we deal with it.

If we can’t change the situation or circumstances we can only look at our behaviour and as such think about strategies for managing the things and areas of our life that create the high levels of stress.

Being able to develop a level of resilience can be the first step in removing unwanted stress from our world.

Resilience noun

‘The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, toughness’

The first stage is to step back and reflect on your present situation and the circumstances that make it up. Recognising whether the external environment is governing your internal landscape or whether you are allowing your thoughts to control your responses and therefore impact your emotions.

This month is all about Resilience.. the key to managing your world when you are ‘in the thick of it’

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