The Fear of Losing Control

What do you fear? We all have some fears don’t we? Things that make us go weak at the knees, other things that stop us in our tracks. We might say to ourselves that the fears that stop us in our tracks will be ‘parked’ or we may even choose to avoid dealing with it all together.

Let me share with you a fear that I used to have. A fear that had a significant impact on my ability to move forward. The fear of losing control. Let me be more specific. The fear of losing control on an emotional level in front of other people. The fear of others seeing that level of emotional release and my fear that they would see me as being vulnerable and weak.
Where was the problem or issue with others seeing me as vulnerable and weak? Why did I deem these ‘states’ as negative? And why did it matter so much to me what others thought?

Fast forward to now and I am able to answer all of those questions. Through my journey of self-development and NLP, I have been exposed to the tools I needed in order for me to choose to shift and move forward. By identifying the limiting beliefs I held about myself, I was able to understand how they manifested themselves, and one of the most detrimental and limiting behaviours for me was stepping back and choosing to be completely disassociated from showing any negative emotions. There were times on my journey (and there are still times, although very few and far between) that I had to face the fear of the situation and take a leap of faith into the ‘unknown’ zone or the ‘stretch’ zone in order for me to move through it and create a new and much more beneficial habit and belief.

So why am I sharing this with you? As I come to the end of Coaching on the NLP Practitioner course, I see the huge changes within six very different individuals. Some look physically different as they allow the change work to settle and embed. Others are using language that serves them more positively, and others tell me how they feel so ‘empowered’ ‘confident’ ‘happy’. They too had their own personal limiting beliefs, and they made a choice to step into the ‘AAHHHH zone in order to change for the better.

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