The Power of Silence

It’s pretty rare to have that moment of utter silence, even when you actively search for it.

Do you ever find yourself in that position (one that seems very familiar to me right now) when you are yearning for quiet, just a moment to ‘be’. To take a breath, to compose yourself, to take a step back. Yep, I can absolutely relate to that right now.
With two highly charged, loud, confident and crazy daughters, my house is full of noise, chaos and often lots of laughter and action. Sometimes after all the questions and curiosity (something I will never discourage) as well as the feeling of constant repetition of instruction ‘please can you pick up your things’ ‘For the last time, PLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE can you put your school shoes on!’
I love the chaos and the craziness, but sometimes, just sometimes I crave the quiet moments and the ability to focus on what it is I want to achieve in other areas of my life.

I often talk about the idea of Roles. What Roles are you playing in your life? One of the most important roles I play is that of ‘Mummy’. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have to admit, rightly or wrongly there are days when I yearn for the opportunity to ‘get shit done’ outside of being Mummy. I’m talking about my Role as Coach, both in a business world, as in what I do for a living, and also my own Coach. It’s about finding the balance. Finding the time for me. I am blessed and fortunate enough not to be in a 9-5 job. It is something that I choose, and it is choose, not to do. I never have really (maybe a few times as a Temp as a jobbing actor). I have always made the choice to play a different Role. Sometimes it serves me beautifully, other times it feels challenging, moving towards uncomfortable. In these times, I make a conscious choice to find silence in whatever way is possible at that time and feels right. It might even be writing a blog. Sometimes it’s running, other times it’s yoga or just deciding to take a break from sitting in front of the computer and going for a walk, listening to a favourite track, reading a chapter of a book, focusing on something else, just for that moment. To reengage, refocus, reignite the fire so to speak. I have even learnt to find silence whilst sitting with my daughters after bath time while they have a bedtime snack and watch whatever might be on CBBeebies. Maybe it’s more than just the silence, maybe it’s about being truly present and finding that moment to find gratitude and peace.

Where do you go for your silence?

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