The power of thought

Wow where has this week gone too…..

6 days have flown by mainly as I have been totally distracted running an NLP Practitioner Course, focusing my mind and attention on the delegates, the subject matter and desired outcome.

All of these things have helped me distract my focus from the desire to eat things that wouldn’t fall into the ‘clean eating’ category and drink a fabulously chilled glass of wine both in the forefront of my mind right now…

During this week I have been really aware of my level of alertness, my responses and the clarity of my thought process- all seeming at an all time high. My energy levels and ability to exercise every day has also increased quite dramatically, again this feels great as I am seeing the rewards of my efforts which in turn feeds my desire to carry on.

All this week I have been taking a new intention to the yoga mat for my evening yoga session with Jools ( Wholeness Yoga) and I have really started to notice how my flexibility has developed and more importantly my ability to ‘BE’ and connect with the mat….fabulous…

So we are half way through and I would love a chilled glass of wine, or a gin and tonic or a bucket of prosecco – actually in all honesty I would like all three and I would like them now… what stops me – well all the things already mentioned in this blog, the 15lb weight loss, the fact that my clothes either fit better or are now too big for me…and I feel more present as well reminding me of how resourceful I am ….

What we focus on becomes our reality… so worth remembering

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