The Weekend

A bit of a roller coaster…

As the weekend loomed I was concerned about how I would get through it without wanting to grab a glass of wine to relax and kick back with.
This was escalated by the fact that the 5 day juice detox had also finished so it was time to eat again and the weekends always representing enjoying myself and doing the things we like, this includes eating and drinking good food and wine.

So what have I discovered, well although it has been tough I have also noticed that I have diverted my focus towards exercise, running & cycling and doing my daily yoga with Jools (Wholeness Yoga). As a result I am feeling fitter, more present and totally determined to succeed- this in turn feeds my desire to continue, after all I am seeing the end results and feeling healther and fitter – two of the things I had hoped to succeed with.

Its important to note though that there were definite times during the weekend that I struggled with, being in London on Saturday where we were surrounded by people enjoying Pride and how easy it would have been to go and enjoy a glass of wine at a bar. Going out for dinner and not ordering wine… now that was a first 🙂

So here I am day 10, feeling good and even more determined to move forward and work through the rest of the month, I look forward to exercising and also my yoga sessions as it is all beginning to fall into place..
Let’s see what the next few days deliver, my mind feels in the right place so onward and upward

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