This course has been created for those individuals who already hold their Master Practitioner Qualification.

Our course is run over four consecutive days (dependant on numbers) and is held at Missenden Abbey London Road Gt Missenden Buckinghamshre HP16 0BD. Click here for details of the venue.
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Having qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner you will already know the power of NLP when facilitating change for your clients. How about taking that to a new optimum level by adding Breakthrough Coaching to your portfolio?

The Breakthrough Coaching Program is designed to give you all the tools, structure, knowledge, and practical experience to deliver life-changing breakthrough sessions for your clients.

A life-changing session such as the Breakthrough day is a highly valuable and effective way to work with clients who want results quickly. These individuals are often moving towards the ‘top of their game’ and need the support and guidance to help them get there. Equally this a fantastic way to bring everything together for a client you have worked with over a period of time. The breakthrough session is for anyone and everyone and you can confidently charge between £800-3000.

We will look at the information required from your client beforehand, what evidence and patterns you are looking for, and how to map these through into the structure of your breakthrough session.

How would it be If you could help your clients:-

  • Make a quantum leap in performance.
  • To realise true potential, personally and professionally
  • To improve mental toughness

Or :-

  • To finally remove that nagging issue which holds people back.
  • Remove limiting beliefs and unresourceful habits.
  • To banish relationship issues
  • To improve communication challenges.
  • Move away from a lack of self-esteem.
  • Seeking external verification whether people, things or substances

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What to expect

Interactive, high energy real and experiential learning and practical application From theory through to the how and why we will take you through each stage and then let you have the opportunity to create and structure a full breakthrough session. The best way of learning is through the how…
As always we will be working in small groups, max 8 to ensure coaching support and plenty of time to explore and review.

Cost: 4 days £825.00 per person


  • April 1, 2022  – 4, 2022  (face to face)

  • October 21, 2022  – 24, 2022  (face to face)

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NLP Practitioner Course Schedule

Held over one week: Sunday – Friday

Cost: 6 days £1395.00 per person.
Payment accepted by credit/debit card, cheque or cash. Payment terms available – speak to us for further information.

Course Dates are as follows:
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