Turning your life around – an interview with Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan is a Personal Branding Consultant, Host, Presenter, Author and International Speaker. He travels around the world inspiring and motivating others. Simon has experienced rock bottom €“ drugs, drink, divorce and bankruptcy€¦ these are now a thing of the past and today he€™s sitting in Starbucks.

You turned your life around €“ how did that happen?

I was 23 stone, had turned to drink and drugs and depressed. Listening to a radio programme had opened a can of worms, all of a sudden I couldn€™t handle anything. I went to my doctors; they wanted to prescribe me €˜happy pills€™. I felt this wasn€™t the answer. It made me angry and it was then I decided I had to change my life €“ I had to lose weight. In 18 months I had run four races including the London Marathon and now weighed 13 stone. I went from complete misery to loving life.

Since then, I have gone through a divorce and been bankrupt! I reminded myself that if I could turn my life around with my weight €“ I could do anything. In my late 30€™s I left my well-paid corporate job (everyone thought I was mad) and started my own marketing consultancy Gather More Clients. One year later I launched SimonJordanTV and then in 2012 the highly acclaimed One Planet One Place.

How did NLP fit in with the changes in your life?

I always had an interest in Jim Rohn and Anthony Robbins €“ I went to do the fire walk and actually went back and did it again I loved it so much! When I did my course it happened by chance. I was working with IPC (the publishing company), their learning and development team had a spare place on a NLP Practitioner Course €“ I went along and was fascinated.

Simon Jordan and AmberHow much do you use NLP in day-to-day life?

I use mirroring a lot, when I€™m interviewing people for the show it helps put them at ease. NLP also helps me sense where they are; watching their behavioural patterns so you get the best from them. When I€™m speaking at events, I€™m sharing marketing tips but within that I€™m always using NLP. Engaging with others and being confident.

What advantages do you think NLP gives people? It allows you to get more out of yourself. Allows you to choose who you become €“ build better relationships, helps you to interact with people better, helps you to see the world in different way. NLP is highly powerful. It enables you to live a better way of life. It€™s definitely helped me get where I am now. I now use it naturally €“ becomes part of the way I am. I treat people how I want to be treated.

What advice would you give others that are thinking of learning NLP?

Go for it €“ you€™ll see a life change. It sounds grandiose, but you will have a better life. If you can understand your thoughts, actions and energy €“ it can only be an improvement.

What else have you learnt along the way?

What fascinated me was how did I change my life? I don€™t have an addictive personality therefore it was maybe easier for me than for others but one of the things is confidence. I was not confident as a child €“ I had to learn this. I look back at what I€™ve achieved in life and remind myself yes I can do it. I use my past experiences as a way to positively shape my life going forward.

Through that I inspire others. I do what I do and share what I do and love what I do. All is online so it€™s gone global.

Do you think everyone can learn how to be more confident?

Yes – I created the €˜Three Box Method€™ using all that I had learnt. I was being coached by someone else and now even they use it with their clients. I do think you are born with drive through. You are either an entrepreneur or not – you€™ve got to want to do it. My mother came back from South Africa with nothing and turned it all around. That inspired me.

Who else has inspired you?

My father – he gave me acceptance and peace in my life. My Mother gave me energy, drive and €˜just go for it€™. attitude Making change is great but stop the conversation and just make it happen. My friend Shaa Wasmund; she came from nothing and has built an incredible career. Also Anthony Robbins and Jim Rohn – and my partner; she is also a great inspiration to me.

Do you have any books that other business owners should read?

How to sky-rocket your business (without burning your fingers) €“ a shameless plug for my book!

Plus Shaa Wasmund€™s €“ Stop talking, start doing; it€™s fantastic.

If you could have a 1-2-1 meeting with a celebrity/icon – who would it be and why?

Bruce Springsteen €“ I love his music. He doesn€™t court publicity or crave celebrity status. Or Bill Gates €“ I like his ethos and business knowledge. I like his talk about schools, kids say life is tough but you€™ve got to deal with it. For humility €“ it would have to be Nelson Mandella €“ he is gracious and has a beautiful soul.

If you didn’t do your current job – what would you most like to do?

I would run a restaurant €“ I love food. I don€™t really have a current job, it€™s a lifestyle.

What€™s next for you?

I€™ve just launched a video blogging channel via Facebook. It€™s to encourage people to get online to share their experience and integration. The past has been all about me and I decided I wanted to do something else. It€™s more often about not who people are €“ but where they€™ve come from. We€™re seeing massive growth already. One Planet One Place is also having a new website which goes live in autumn €“ it€™s all about people sharing and inspiring. There€™s a food section on there too!

Feel inspired by Simon’s story? NLP is great to kick-start change in your life and to create a better world for yourself and others. Take a look at our courses here, or book onto a Taster Day to get a view on what it’s all about. Until then – grab your confidence and have a great day!

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