When it’s been a while …

Sometimes there is just too much to do. Too much to think about, plan for, tidy up after and get finished before bedtime. We become so entrenched in these things, so ‘buried’ under it all that luxuries like NLP-thinking are forgotten. Back we go to that life before NLP, the life of patterns and habits that we promise ourselves we’ll work on just as soon as there’s time.

And then … bang. We find ourselves in a situation which needs those NLP skills like no other. Suddenly we’re right in the middle of a ‘situation’ we didn’t ask to be in, one which needs careful and resourceful handing. However … our skills, having been in the toolbox for longer than we’ll admit, need refreshing. They’re rusty. Our strategies are non-existent and before we know it, we’re in overwhelm.

What can we do? We need a way to handle the situation and we know, intellectually, that NLP provides us with a way. But we don’t know where to start … the situation is there, right in front of us, like a cloud threatening to engulf us. We can anchor; we can swish; we can reframe; we can break the situation down into component parts in order to make it feel more manageable. But … this all takes time, and by launching into an intervention we could be missing a crucial element which is –


Being in ‘overwhelm’ creates a state. Having too much to do creates a state. Feeling dread and worry creates a state. To tackle the situation we’re faced with, we need, first, to decide what state to be in. Once that’s done, we can work on breaking the state we’re in and replacing it with the one we need. And then … we can polish those tools we love so much.


It’s probably one of the simplest yet most effective things we can do: examine the situation we are faced with and how we feel when we do so, then decide how we want to feel. We know how to use our representational styles and sub-modalities … we know how to make this new way of feeling ‘ours’ … we know how to anchor, swish and reframe to our heart’s content.

Before we know it, those tools of ours will be so shiny we’ll be able to see ourselves in them … a brand new us – smart, bright, purposeful and

connected. They say you should look after your tools. Don’t we know it …

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