When Things Don’t Go To Plan.

At the beginning of September I embarked on my 90 Day The Body Coach Plan. I love a challenge and I was determined to get my fitness levels back (after doing the bare minimum once I had completed the marathon in May). My goal was to ‘graduate’ from the plan and by Christmas I would be lean, toned and fit……

I smashed the first four weeks- following the food plan and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 100%. Admittedly I had been a little less fixed on the food in the second four weeks, but I was working hard. As I entered the third phase I was struggling a little with knee pain. The jump squats and lunges really weren’t what was needed at this point, but I was determined to succeed. I chose not to listen to my body. A few days later whilst walking up the stairs my knee gave way. The shooting pain was eye watering and I knew something wasn’t right. I could only manage the stairs one at a time and it was excruciating. I have a habit of not listening to my body when it is trying to tell me something. This almost kyboshed the Marathon as four weeks out I was told I had viral myalgia and had to rest completely. WHAT?! Ok so I did listen to the doctor….eventually.

So I found myself being told by the physio that I had to stop any form high intensity exercise, including running. Rest was required if I wanted to let me knee heal.

I’m not sure about you, but exercise is so important for my mental wellness. I have realised this over the years. If I am not doing some form of exercise 3-4 days a week, in essence I am not happy. This was a real blow to my mental wellness. I was 60 plus days through the plan and feeling strong but my knee just wasn’t prepared to play anymore.

With a heavy heart and utter frustration I stopped exercising. Then the healthy food choices stopped, oh and then it was Christmas so there was no point trying to pick it up again until January right?!

A little bit of yoga, a few gentle runs and on the 6th January I began again. This time I was open to being flexible. Not only because I have a new goal- my fifth (and final- I am sure I say that every time) half marathon, but because I have realised that this body is precious. I need to take care of it. I know it is remarkable in what it can do, and I need to treat it well in order for it to continue doing just that. Week three and things are going brilliantly. I have swapped out the HIIT workouts for running and I am committed to stretching and yoga on the other days. So far so good.

Sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves that there are many ways to get to where we want to go. It may be that we take a detour, a different route or a different mode of transport all together. Watch this space- I’ll let you know how I get on at the end of March when I run 13.1 miles. My goal is to do it pain free and strong. If I listen to my body I know I can do it.

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