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You found us! Welcome to the start of a very exciting journey. Whether Google, Facebook or referral from a friend (thank you, friend) brought you here, we’re delighted to have you.

NLP – and our approach in particular – is all about helping you get more from life. Our aim is to give you all the tools you need to be brilliant, whether you’re interested in NLP for self-development, you’re thinking of becoming a coach or you want to step things up a level or three in your business life. The change starts right here.

But first, a bit more about what NLP is and how it can help.

A training team like no other.

In the best possible way.

Edge NLP was founded by Pip Thomas. Pip truly believes that everyone has their own unique zone of genius and she loves nothing more than to see Edge students ‘stepping into’ this zone as they complete their training. Jools Montague joins Pip as the other Director of Edge NLP and between them they bring a unique combination of skills and experience to the training room. There might just be a bit of humour thrown in for good measure.

All Edge NLP trainers and coaches are passionate about their work and this, combined with their vast knowledge and all round zest for life, makes them pretty darn amazing at what they do. Our training is fun yet professional and genuinely enjoyable – something a lot of our students comment on.

Why would you choose NLP?

Do you wish you were more effective in your communication? Are you a parent struggling to connect with your child/children? Do you want to help and guide them on their journey to adulthood but don’t seem to be getting it right?

Are you a manager, team leader, teacher or coach and know that you could do better with landing your message?

If you are honest with yourself, do you find yourself repeating a behaviour in your relationships that do not work for you or get you the outcome you are looking for?

Do you sometimes find you are unable to ‘deal’ with your emotions and they come across to others as extreme or uncalled for?

Are you stuck in a rut and feel like you are on a hamster wheel? What if you could choose a different path to gain a different outcome and have the choice to get off that wheel?

Would you like to consistency achieve your goals, whether in a business arena or in your personal world and know that it is within your ability to do so.

Is mental wellness a challenge for you? Imagine being free of some of the negative thoughts and behaviours you currently experience

NLP greatly increases your choices in every area of your life. It gives you the skills to focus on your thoughts and emotional states as well as the quality of your communication.

What’s not to like?

What our clients say about us

Click below to hear what our fabulous clients want to tell you about Edge NLP:


Whatever your reasons for wanting to explore NLP – personal growth, business development, just plain old curiosity – our courses will give you the Edge and you’ll start applying the techniques from your very first class that provide either insight or a fresh approach to existing knowledge.

All our NLP training courses are fully accredited by ABNLP and we offer a full range of course options including :

    • NLP Practitioner training
    • NLP Master Practitioner training
    • Time Line Therapy™
    • Hypnosis training
    • NLP in Business
    • NLP Master Coach
    • Breakthrough Coach Program

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